Robin Gerber

Robin Gerber

Bestselling author, historian and women’s leadership expert.

  • Robin’s book “Barbie and Ruth” is being made into a feature film by Reese Witherspoon
  • Robin’s book “Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way” is used in leadership courses at Harvard Business School
  • Jessica Alba credits Robin’s stories about Eleanor Roosevelt for the origins of Honest Company
Speech Descriptions
Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Inspiring stories from the First Lady’s life with lessons on finding your leadership passion, communicating, networking, embracing risk, mothering as leadership and more.

Leadership the Ruth Handler Way

Powerful stories from the life of Ruth Handler, founder of Mattel and creator of Barbie, with lessons on creating a global icon, risk and reward, ethical leadership, reinvention and recovering from mistakes.

Leadership the Katharine Graham Way

Dramatic stories from the life of Katharine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post Newspaper, with lessons on reframing your life, growing into your leadership, making tough decisions and empowering others to lead.

Authentic Leadership for Women

Based on Robin’s popular course, this talk draws on the lives of famous women, revealing the difficult path to authenticity, including the challenge of family and peer pressure, ‘good girl’ syndrome, values clarification and more.

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