Libby Gill

Libby Gill

Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Author

Gill shows individuals and organizations worldwide why
hope IS a strategy – if you have the right mindset and
methodology. In her interactive presentations, she shares the
science-based concepts of hope theory to help audiences:

  • CREATE a future-focused vision of success that will help you blast through barriers
  • REFRAME change and challenge as an inspiring opportunity for growth
  • DEVELOP a generation of future leaders by linking purpose to performance
  • MASTER the language of positive leadership to build high-passion, high-performance teams
  • ENHANCE collaboration and communication to out-innovate the competition
Speech Descriptions

Leading through Change, Challenge & Chaos


Inspiring Purpose and Driving Performance


Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life


The Latest on Women’s Leadership

Libby’s Biography

Libby Gill knows change. She grew up on two continents and went to eight different schools before putting herself through college waiting tables. She started her first job in entertainment only to go through three mergers in five years, where she went from assistant in a small production company to vice president of publicity, advertising and promotion for Sony’s worldwide television group.

After heading communications at media giants Universal, Sony and Turner Broadcasting, Libby left the corporate world after nearly twenty years to become an entrepreneur. In her mid-forties when many people are slowing down, Libby founded Libby Gill & Company, an executive coaching and leadership consulting firm based in Los Angeles.

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Latest Tweets

Libby was very motivating and energetic. Great suggestions and effective communicator.

AGFA Corporation, Rubina Ali

Loved her presentation, very inspirational!

Array Biopharma Inc., Marilyn Schodt

I need a Daruma! Everything about the ‘god of perseverance’ spoke to me! Great Presentation!!

Bellus Academy, Stephanie LaRue

Inspiring and relatable!

Cooper Standard Inc., Sylvia Sorg

Engaging and relevant!

Danaher Corporation, Alvita Bush

Loved your presentation! You are very inspirational!

DaVita, Patti Bond

‘Empower and support your team and they will follow you anywhere!’

Delta Dental, Tammy Hawkins

Very upbeat and inspiring.

DST Systems, Inc., Kristy Jarrett

Your story brought me to tears as I just lost my step-mom. You have inspired me so thank you!

Dynisco Instruments, Cheryl Morse

Loved her!

Envision Healthcare, Laura Lear