Gary Bradt

Gary Bradt

Speaking on the human side of Change

  • Doctorate in clinical psychology – was honored with the “Excellence in Professional Psychology” award
  • Dr. Bradt gained national attention in 2000 when Dr. Spencer Johnson, the renowned author of Who Moved My Cheese? chose him as the leading speaker on his message.
  • Spoken across the globe to audiences like, IBM, American Express, eBay, FedEx, Proctor & Gamble, Prudential, Johnson & Johnson and many many more
Speech Descriptions
Turning Change into Opportunity

Going through change is not a market differentiator. Adapting to change faster and better than your competitors can be. Gary Bradt’s inspiring new keynote, Turning Change into Opportunity, equips audiences with the tools they need to do just that.

This upbeat and interactive keynote stimulates the mind and stirs the emotions. It inspires audiences to discover strengths they may not have recognized they had. Bradt’s stories and personal anecdotes bring his points home in a way that audiences can not only understand, but relate to.

Discover what previous clients like IBM, eBay, American Express, Aetna and scores of others have before: That it’s not the change in life, but how you choose to respond, that makes all the difference. Let Gary help your audience find the opportunities that await them.

Latest Tweets

I just wanted to pass along the feedback I have received the past 24
hours has been outstanding. One person after another has come up to
me to tell me how moving your presentation was yesterday and many
have your 10 points posted in their work space already. Thanks once
again for your commitment and effort into learning our business and
opportunities. It clearly showed during your presentation.
I would also add this:
We used Gary for leadership kick off meetings in consecutive years.
He was such an overwhelming influence the first year we brought him
back for a 2nd time. Gary’s message still resonates today throughout
the organization. His ten points are referred to often and the one
most often referred to is – “Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable”. He
does an outstanding job preparing for his presentation and really
learns your organization prior to delivering his presentation. He will
always be in my top five presenters list!

Tom Collingsworth – New Penn

Gary, thank you so much for your message. It went over great! I
heard attendees still discussing the next day!

Tim Bugg, Capstone Health Alliance

Gary Bradt is an inspiring speaker that keeps you on the on the edge
of your seat. Be prepared to laugh, cry, dream and embrace change
as Gary shows you its golden opportunity. Gary provides you with
practical tools that you continue to use professionally and
personally. I never imagined that a 1 hour seminar would change my
entire life perspective in such a positive way.

Debbie Tucker, Human Resources Business Partner, Bayer

Thank you for joining our all hands meeting. We heard so many
positive comments about your talk and have also heard several
references to ‘clearing the rubble and finding the ring’ as people
jumped back into their day to day work. You were very inspirational
and definitely provided us all with actions to take back to our jobs and
home. Thanks again!

Fidelity Investments