Lelia Gowland Biography

Audiences delight in Lelia Gowland’s optimism and fresh strategies for navigating workplace dynamics and finding career fulfillment.

She works with organizations that want to create a sustainable workforce. Lelia specializes in partnering with organizations that want to support and promote female talent to increase both diversity in leadership and the bottom line. Fortune 500 companies such as GE and Expedia.com as well as professional associations from across the country hire Lelia to support their teams.

Lelia (rhymes with “Amelia”) started her company because women she knew regularly sought her support in workplace negotiations and career decision-making.

Now considered a thought leader in the field, Lelia has written over 100 articles for Forbes and has been profiled in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for her unique approach. She was recently honored as one of Gambit Weekly’s 40 Under 40, which salutes the “brightest innovators, artists, and professionals in New Orleans.”

With a Master’s in Public Policy and a BA in Sociology, Lelia applies her understanding of political, professional, and cultural systems to support women in the workplace and all employees. In her past lives, Lelia has overseen a juvenile detention center, managed a political campaign, and developed and implemented sex education for middle schoolers.

She combines her professional experience and academic foundation with a dynamic, engaging style. Participants walk away from her talks energized and motivated, with innovative, actionable strategies to implement in their own lives.

As a recent event participant noted, “Lelia’s energy, confidence, and approachable personality instills optimism and courage in her clients.”

Events with Lelia are never “sit ‘n’ get”. Instead, they’re tailored to the audience, funny, and thought provoking. Lelia has addressed diverse audiences including entrepreneurs, women in roofing, Michiganders with felony convictions, Junior Leaguers, and politically engaged young professionals. 

A New Orleans native and enthusiast, Lelia freely uses the word ‘y’all’, has an entire closet dedicated to costuming, and brings the city’s joie de vivre to all of her presentations.