Al Walker

Motivational Humorist Al Walker offers funny, inspiring and entertaining keynote, luncheon and after dinner speeches, workshops, seminars and concurrent sessions. He draws on his skills and background as a successful businessman and his humorous approach to life to deliver speeches and training programs to convention and meeting audiences across the world.  His reputation as a trainer, facilitator and workshop/seminar leader has brought him international recognition.  It’s impossible to hear Al Walker give a speech and not get more excited about your own business and life. His delivery is as powerful as his message. He is outspoken, direct and humorous, but most of all he is effective.

Al Walker is President and CEO of Al Walker and Associates, Inc., a firm he runs in addition to his speaking that is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals solve problems through not only his speaking, but also through their training and consulting services.  Al Walker and his organization specialize in results-oriented training programs.  They have conducted over 2500 training clinics, workshops, seminars and programs for organizations from the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Al Walker is a masterful teacher and is nationally recognized for his unique, fun-loving, humorous approach to speaking and training.

Al Walkerhas been published in various journals and magazines, he has created dozens of training manuals, his latest book, Thinking Big & Living Large has sold over 7,000 copies and he has two more books coming out in 2009.  With the use of questionnaires, interviews and research, Al Walker truly customizes his presentations to fit his audience.

Al Walker earned a business degree from the University of South Carolina.  After graduation, he joined a residential building and development corporation.  Within two years as head of sales and marketing, the firm was the highest dollar volume residential builder in South Carolina.  During that time, Al Walker attended a Dale Carnegie course and decided his future was in training and developing people.  He joined Dale Carnegie and for five years sold and taught their programs throughout South Carolina.  He quickly became one of the top-rated instructors in the organization.  In 1981, he started his own company.  His international client list includes Kellogg’s, Wal-Mart, BASF, NCR, BellSouth and Westinghouse/CBS.  Al’s articles on leadership, sales, customer service and personal development have appeared in professional publications throughout the world.

Al Walker is past president of the National Speakers Association and has served as Chairman of the NSA Foundation Board of Trustees.  He has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional from NSA and his NSA colleagues inducted him into the prestigious Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speakers Hall of Fame which is the highest recognition in professional speaking.  There are only 119 CPAE’s in the world today including Jeanne Robertson, Harvey Mackay, Art Linkletter and Zig Ziglar.  Al’s colleagues recognized his service to the speaking industry by awarding him The Cavett Award – the National Speakers Association’s highest and most cherished award presented annually to the member who has rendered exceptional service to the speaking industry and the association. He has also received The Master of Influence Award for his worldwide impact through speaking.


A World Fit to Live In
Through humorous anecdotes and stories, Al delivers the driving message that in order for us to have a world fit to live in, we must first have a self worth living with and a philosophy to live by. Al defines exactly what it takes to have a “self worth living with” and how knowledge, skill, and attitude contribute to that goal.

The Gateway to Excellence is as Big as a Barn
Many people settle for mediocrity not realizing that the difference between excellent and average is neither vast nor striking. In an entertaining and inspiring fashion, your group will gain the valuable insights to the small characteristics that make the big differences in anyone’s quest for excellence. Several groups have used a Farming or Western theme and this title to tie their theme and main message together.

Service That Sells
Your attendees will learn about four important areas of customer service: product knowledge, the skills to sell the product, handling complaints with confidence, and the human relationship skills necessary to develop rapport with their customers

Thinking Big & Living Large
Al pokes a lot of fun at himself, and at life when delivers the driving message that if you think big enough you will be guaranteed to have a larger life.Through stories and illustrations Al shares the common traits, characteristics, and values of Big time winners who have handled their difficulties through life in a Bigger more enriching way. Al will inspire your audience to tap more deeply into their talents, skills, and abilities in their community, job, and personal life so that they can live a Larger life. This program is perfect for those who want to think big, live large, and laugh  all the way out of the room.

Selling Southern Style:  Selling Southern Style, the title of one of Al’s upcoming books starts with looking at those things southerner’s are prone to doing, saying, having and being and how we use those in the sales process. Since he is from the southern part of the USA, that’s where it starts but quickly moves to and encourages the listener to look for the “prone to’s” in their prospects and clients and adapt themselves to that culture, no matter where they are in the world, if they ever want to build a relationship and sell successfully.

The Serious Side of Laughter! The Serious Side of Laughter includes the top three resources everyone needs to add or keep laughter in their lives, examples of how various individuals recognize humor in their everyday lives, the healing power of laughter and how to add more fun to your life.

Leadership: Following From In Front Al stresses the importance of servant leadership and the role it plays in overall organizational motivation. Each attendee will learn how to balance leadership style with the skills required to be an effective leader through three elements. They are taught coaching skills that enable them to help others move to higher levels of performance, what it means to be “tough minded” versus “hard minded”, and how to create the right climate for increased productivity.

I love Change, You Go First – Lots of folks talk a good game about how the world and everything around them is changing so rapidly and they’ll even go so far as to tell you how you ought to be open to change, then when the first significant change comes their way, they are the first to resist it, complain about it.  Values enable us to handle change. Attendees will learn how to lessen the negative impact of change and quickly adapt to it. They will learn how to establish priorities and how to stay focused on those priorities to minimize feelings of being overwhelmed.



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