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As CEO of the successful brand management firm, TURKEL, Bruce Turkel has been creating and working with valuable brands for over 30 years.

Bruce Turkel’s concepts are simple but not simplistic.  His methods are easy to understand and immediately actionable. His talks present a profound, proven, and potentially profitable way to build your brand strategy, increase sales and create real traction with your social media activities.

Under Bruce’s guidance, his firm has created wildly effective campaigns for its clients, including Hasbro, American Express, Charles Schwab, Citicorp, Discovery Channel, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, HBO Latin America, Peabody Hotels, Bacardi, Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau, Canyon Ranch Living and Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts, to name just a few.

Bruce’s firm is built on the belief that marketing should be well-designed, simple, and should make a client’s products and services more valuable. Using this straightforward checklist, he has worked with hundreds of clients, written thousands of headlines, and designed even more print ads, television spots, websites, and campaigns.

When he’s not creating advertising or design, he’s a sought after expert for CNN, MIT, NAMM, MPI, UM, NSA.  He’s also the author of Building Brand Value: Seven Simple Steps to Profitable Communication and two other branding and advertising business books. Bruce is currently finishing his next book, All About Them.


A captivating and entertaining speaker, Bruce has spoken at MIT, Harvard, TEDx, and hundreds of corporate and industry conferences. Bruce appears regularly on FOX Business and has been on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR. He has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Communication Arts, and AdWeek.   His branding work has been honored by Communication Arts, the Art Directors’ Club of New York, Clio and the One Show to name just a few, and this year his work won six Emmys.

In addition to writing and illustrating books and articles on branding, Bruce is the front man for the Miami R&B band Blackstar and enjoys practicing his harmonica in traffic, as well as being a dad, a husband and mentor and training for marathons.


All About Them

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically and many of the old rules are out the window.  Customers know everything about you before they even “step into” your business. Success today requires organizations to turn the lens around and focus relentlessly on the customer (THEM).   Bruce provides key lessons and take-aways on how organizations can change their focus to succeed in this new interconnected marketplace.

Bruce Turkel’s wildly entertaining presentation includes fascinating examples from Johann Sebastian Bach to The Wizard of Oz, from Andy Warhol’s excess to the Toyota Prius’ success, from the history of the Spanish Civil War to headlines ripped right out of today’s paper.

Your audiences will be enlightened, entertained, and educated by Bruce’s talk. They’ll come away thanking you for a great event AND a great plan for their future. 

7 Steps to Building Brand Value

Learn the seven simple steps to building, maintaining, and communicating a great brand. Bruce provides entertaining anecdotes and real world examples to illustrate the finer points of brand building. Add significant value to your products by making your products more valuable to your customers.

In this talk, audiences will learn:

    • Why your brand is not about your company. And why understanding that matters more than anything else.
    • The critical secret to move your brand from company-centric to consumer-centric.
    • How to determine your authentic truth and why it’s more important than the function of your products or services. 

Defining Your Brand Essence

BMW defines its brand essence with four words. Nike, GE and Wal-Mart use three. Barack Obama sold the most powerful product in the world with two: “Hope” and “Change.” In this multi-media speech, Bruce Turkel shows you how to reduce your brand message to its most practical, actionable, and compelling essence.

While they’re laughing, your audiences will also be learning:

    • The three universal branding myths that are holding your company back.
    • The simple difference that sets all great brands apart, and
    • How to develop this game-changing difference for your brand. 

You Don’t Need Social Media. You Need A Strategy.
You don’t need social media. You don’t need a website. You don’t need mobile. You need a strategy.

Before you create noise, you’ve got to know what you’re creating noise about and why anyone should care.

Bruce Turkel shows his audiences exactly how to build their brands online. He will show you how to take the best tools, tips, and techniques from the analog world and move them online where they will generate global interest and response.

  • Why an unfocused online presence is like a tree falling in a forest.
  • The danger of GMOOTs and how to avoid their traps.
  • How to build a powerful brand that will make a difference online.
  • How to tailor your message for each of the different social media.
  • How to get the most bang for your buck and increase the echo effect.

The Design of Sales 

Instead of worrying about how well things work, consumers now buy things for how they look and feel, and more importantly, how the products make them look and feel.

Today an in-depth understanding of the modern consumers’ purchase motivations is what the best salespeople are using to push their products and services.

The savvy salesperson understands that their job has changed the best of them into editors and curators – constantly reappraising the aesthetic and lifestyle advantages of the products they sell and demonstrating these benefits to their customers.

In this talk, audiences will learn:

  • How to uncover the motivations of today’s consumer.
  • The real difference between features and benefits and how to sell them.
  • Why the traditional “Speeds & Feeds” sales strategy does not work anymore and what has taken its place.
  • The critical difference between content and context, and how it can multiply your sales.
  • The special sales secrets that are hidden in plain sight.


Bruce Turkel rocks! Fascinating presentation of relevant information – he kept our audience completely engaged!

  • Susan Atwater,

Event Manager, IFCO Systems

What a great opening keynote presentation! Our attendees were buzzing about it at the conference and well into the next week on Twitter and Facebook. We are in the midst of launching our association’s new brand so the timing of your presentation was just perfect! It is very important to us that we give our members and industry partners valuable tools that they can take back to their perspective places of business. We feel very confident that your presentation accomplished that.

  • Ohio Travel Association

I am in awe of your ability to captivate a room filled with nearly 200 business leaders – eager to take your words of wisdom and turn them into plans of action.   You are, and have always been, a master of motivation and I thank you for opening our Goals Conference with the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that you did.

  • President & CEO

Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce 

You were the highlight of our meeting! Your subject on the brands was right on and through our survey I am getting great reviews on your presentation.

Alvaro Diago,

Chief Operating Officer, Latin America & Caribbean, Intercontinental Hotel Group

Thank you so very much for your amazing contribution to the NSA keynote lab. I loved your model to building your unique brand position, as well as your comments and perspectives.

  • Kristin J. Arnold,

President, National Speakers Association

The annual convention for DMAI has been over for three weeks and our members are still talking about your presentation. Here are a few select quotes:

  • Entertaining – loved him and the harmonica.
  • Fabulous presentation.
  • Fascinating and very informative.

All this is to say job well done and thank you very much.

  • Doug Price,

Senior VP of Professional Development, Destination Marketing Association International

Thanks you so much for joining us during the Wyoming Governor’s Conference on Tourism. You are such a talented speaker…enthusiastic, appropriate, and so skilled in teaching in a very fun and effective way. The attendees loved you and found great value in the messages you shared. I can’t wait to hear you again at ESTO!!

  • Diane Shober,

State of Wyoming

Your presentation and presence at our retreat was the highlight of the three day event. Over the years we have had many speakers with national credentials. With all honesty I can say that you excelled in getting your points across in clear and memorable terms. Your unique ability to involve the whole group was outstanding.

  • Michael Pappas,

President and CEO, Keyes Corporation

Bruce, I would like to thank you for your recent presentation at our annual customer forum. I found your presentation uplifting, entertaining and enlightening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also felt the concepts you introduced were both relevant and insightful and there is no question you added substantial value to our event. I look forward to continuing our partnership and interaction and please note I am happy to recommend you without hesitation if asked.

  • Daniel Walsh

President, North America

Your presentation on “Building Brand Value” was amazing. Your insightful discussion of the seven points of building brand value captivated the audience and contributed greatly to the substance of our conference program. I heard positive comments about if from my attendees.  Thanks again for your thoughtful presentation

  • John C. Murphy,

Executive Director, National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

For our team marketing summit, Bruce Turkel surfaced with a seminar dedicated to lateral thinking. He had the audience guide the meeting rhythm and content through a ‘choose your own adventure’ style. This was incredibly engaging and pushed the team to drive the summit and make it their own. Big success! Bruce speaks with confidence and competence while triggering the audience to build solutions – which worked extremely well across our marketing organization.

  • Bill Melnyk,

Brand Director, Grey Goose Vodka

Bruce, once again, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the recent IFCO forum. There were quite a few “take-aways” from your discussion.

  • Del Monte Fresh Produce Company

Just wanted to let you know that Bruce was WONDERFUL last week. He was the perfect person for this event. He did an amazing job. He’s a very engaging speaker. Thanks so much for helping to set this up.

  • Jennifer Jaacks,

Account Manager of PR and Social Marketing, Foodmix Marketing Communications

Many thanks for delivering such a wonderful speech at the Walker & Dunlop Summer Conference. Your speech, and overall performance, were simply fantastic. As I mentioned to you in an email after the conference, many, many conference attendees commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation. And as you could tell by my opening remarks on Tuesday, what you said had a profound impact on many people in the audience.

  • William M. Walker,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce is an engaging and insightful speaker who provokes thought and discussion in an entertaining way….He has spoken to our organization many times over the years and our members and leadership continue to be inspired by his presentations.

  • President & CEO,

The Beacon Council

His domain knowledge in brands, digital marketing transformation and innovation combined with a good dose of humor was a great recipe for success.

  • VP and Global Marketing Leader,

Home Healthcare Solutions at Philips Healthcare 

Your presentation gave everyone new concepts and veiwpoints that will enable us to differentiate ourselves from competitors.  Your presentation also closed out our conference on an energetic and upbeat note.

  • Vice President,

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.

For our team marketing summit, Bruce Turkel surfaced with a seminar dedicated to lateral thinking. He had the audience guide the meeting rhythm and content through a ‘choose your own adventure’ style. This was incredibly engaging and pushed the team to drive the summit and make it their own. Big success!   Bruce speaks with confidence and competence while triggering the audience to build solutions – which worked extremely well across our marketing organization.

  • Bill Melnyk,

Brand Director, Grey Goose Vodka

Bruce’s years of marketing expertise and understanding of diverse clients’ needs coupled with his ability to connect with the audience make him a true leader in the marketing arena. Bruce is able to get his message across through captivating story telling that people understand, often relate to, and certainly learn from; stories which stay with them long after he has left the room. I can comfortably vouch for you and recommend you for organizations wanting to focus on branding. marketing, advertising, or from our most recent engagement, improving communications and public speaking skills for their executives.

  • Henry Martinez,

President, Discovery Communications, Latin America/ U.S.Hispanic/ Canada

We were looking to inspire our marketing organization and ignite their energy to ‘think laterally,’ and Bruce answered that call! He was the opening guest speaker of our annual marketing summit and he not only delivered on that challenge, but he did so in a sincere, entertaining, educational, and ‘real world’ way that our team really appreciated. Based on the response of our attendees, we are beyond pleased that we selected Bruce to speak at our summit.”

  • Juan Rovira,

Chief Marketing Officer, Bacardi 

Bruce, thank you so much for speaking at our Fast Fix Convention! Feedback from the attendees was very positive.
Looking forward to sending them the new book.

  • Gerry Weber

President, Fast-Fix Jewelry

Bruce is killing it! So funny and charming and super engaging. The group is hungover and tired from the game last night but he is managing to keep them engaged and laughing. We all really really like him, great content, great stage presence, very very happy to have him close the event!


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