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Looking for a keynote from one of the most dynamic and popular talk show hosts in recent television history? Beyond his well-known show, Dr. Phil also speaks to a variety of different types of groups, including health and wellness audiencesRead more ›

Breathing life into an elderly curmudgeon, a purple creature known as a “Woozle” and a self-effacing jalapeno, among other lovable characters, Jeff Dunham is straight man to some of the funniest partners in show business. And with new characters makingRead more ›

Magic Johnson is universally known for his 13 year career in the NBA. His honors include: five national championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, 3 MVP awards, 12 NBA All-Star games, a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona,Read more ›

Michael Porter is considered by many the father of the modern strategy field. As the most prolific and honored business expert of our time, he is often asked to speak on themes related to his most successful books and seminalRead more ›

Perhaps one of the most recognizable business luminaries in the world, in 1999 Richard Branson was knighted for his “services to entrepreneurship”. The Rebel Billionaire continues to grow the Virgin brand worldwide, and his unconventional strategies are an inspiration toRead more ›

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