Christopher Surdak, JD

Technology Evangelist, Award-Winning Author, Engineer, Data Scientist, Rocket Scientist, and Global Expert in Information Governance, Analytics, Privacy Policy, Social Media and eDiscovery

Christopher Surdak is an industry-recognized expert in Mobility, Social Media and Analytics, Big Data, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Cloud Computing with over 20 years of professional experience.

Mr. Surdak has held similar roles with other leading companies such as Accenture, Siemens, Dell and Citibank. Mr. Surdak began his career with Lockheed Martin Astrospace, where he was a spacecraft systems engineer and rocket scientist.

Mr. Surdak holds a Juris Doctor from Taft University, an Executive Masters In Technology Management and a Moore Fellowship from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, a Master’s Certificate in Information Security from Villanova University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Mr. Surdak is author of “Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities”, published by AMACOM Publishing, recipient of GetAbstract’s International Book of the Year Award, 2014.

He is contributing author to the book “Big Data Combat,” a 2016 best-seller in China.

He is recipient of the Information Governance Initiative’s Evangelist of the Year for 2015.

He is recipient of the WhartonDC Benjamin Franklin Innovator of the Year Award for 2015.

Mr. Surdak is Honoured Consultant to the FutureTrek Community of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

He is also contributing editor and columnist for European Business Review,European Financial Review, China Business Review and HP Matter magazines.

Mr. Surdak provides talks, guidance and advice to global leaders on a range of technology, policy and business topics, including over 300 public speaking engagements in the last 3 years.

Don’t Call Me ‘Big Data:’ Why Most Analytics Efforts Fail, and How to Beat The Big Data Odds

In 2001, analyst Doug Laney coined the term ‘Big Data,’ in order to describe the ever increasing amount of data in the world.  At that time, all of the trends associated with data grow were beginning to trend disturbingly upwards, largely driven by society’s increasing adoption of the Internet.  Laney described the three key challenges of this Big Data as: Volume, Variety and Velocity, as each of these factors drove the complexity of dealing with very large data sets. Flash forward fifteen years, and Big Data is top of mind for nearly every business person on the planet.  Engineers have made huge strides against these classic ‘3-V’s of Big Data, and organizations are analyzing dataset that are millions of times larger than they were in 2001. Despite this, many organizations are failing to gain business value from all of this data and analysis.  They implement the latest software, on the largest-possible clusters of hardware, and run analytics against titanic amounts of data, yet they learn very little new from the effort, other than how to deploy really big, expensive and valueless analytic platforms!

Perhaps the problem is this: Perhaps you’re asking the same old questions of the same old data.  To gain value from analytics, you must ask NEW questions of NEW data, in order to generate NEW, disruptive results.

Join this session with award-winning author, engineer, rocket scientist and futurist Christopher Surdak, JD, to explore some of what it takes to succeed at disruptive analytics, while there’s still time.

Destination 2020: The Changes, Opportunities and Challenges of the Next Four  Years

To understand the future one only need look at present trends, and extrapolate. This used to be a successful way to develop strategies for managing your business, your career and even your life. But what happens when all of the trends are accelerating, some geometrically, others even exponentially? What if these trends merge with each other and crossfeed, like monster rogue waves in the open ocean? And what if oncoming changes occur so fast that one technology trend may be a flash in the pan, while another could ‘go unicorn,’ and be the next Facebook, Uber, FanDuel or Turo?

In this presentation, author, engineer, rocket scientist and futurist Christopher Surdak, JD will review some of the key technologies and social trends driving today’s world.  He will discuss how the “Digital Trinity” of Mobility, Social Media and Advanced Analytics are fundamentally changing the rules of every industry, in every corner of our world, and are doing so right before our eyes. Finally, he will play out several days in the life of 2020, to make tangible how these changes will manifest themselves in our lives.

When “T” Is Not Enough: Digital Disruption in Manufacturing

For two hundred years the rules of capitalism have governed the world of manufacturing. Concepts such as Economies of Scale and Scope were so pervasive that  they were actually considered to be economic laws, and businesses the world over aligned themselves to use capital better, faster and cheaper in order to succeed.

As demonstrated by the famous quote by Henry Ford regarding his Model T automobile, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black,” capitalism isn’t just about efficiency, it’s about compromise. So, in today’s world of instant gratification, apps, exploding coupons and drone delivery, what happens to the old rules of capitalism that have dominated manufacturing?  They start to represent the best path towards decline.

Adopting new technologies is not enough to survive this onslaught.  Instead, understanding the causes of changing customer expectations is the key to winning the new game of manufacturing, driven by the Six  New Normals and the pillars of the Digital Trinity.

From Additive Manufacturing to nanotechnology, From the Internet of Things to Robotics, and from Predictive Analytics to Machine Learning, the world of manufacturing technology is undergoing massive disruption.  But, these will pale in comparison to those caused by the coming end of the capital era, and the ascent of the Information Age.

In this session, engineer, rocket scientist, author, futurist and JD Christopher Surdak will discuss the disruptive changes coming not only to the technologies behind manufacturing, but the social changes that are fundamentally rewriting the rules of business success.

When “T” Is Not Enough: Digital Disruption in Manufacturing

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