John Sileo

John SileoJohn Sileo is America’s most frequently booked identity theft speaker. His keynotes draw on his critically-acclaimed, award-winning Book, Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple and his experiences as a two-time victim of identity theft. His keynote will inspire your audience to protect valuable company information as if it were their own.





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Spies, Hackers & Online Attackers: Bulletproofing Your Privacy & Profits in the Digital Age

Every move you make in the digital world is tracked, recorded and exploited. Tools like smartphones, iPads, cloud computing and social media have shifted the competitive landscape in favor of cyber-savvy businesses, prompting a fresh look at an age-old truth: Information is Power. But are you in control of your digital footprint, or are you being controlled? Are you protecting the information your people are sharing on social networks? Do you understand the risks of storing sensitive intellectual property in the cloud, under someone else’s control? Are smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi a recipe for costly mobile-data exposure? If you unknowingly stack the deck in favor of data thieves, competitive spies and organized crime, the results will be devastating. On the other hand, if you utilize these technological innovations to your advantage, your bottom line benefits. This presentation highlights current data privacy threats and practical, tactical solutions.

Think Like a Spy Crash Course: Aggressive Identity Theft & Fraud Countermeasures

Identity theft and online fraud are destructive side effects of information over- exposure in our digital economy. Due to the power of personally identifying information, we must leverage formidable tools to protect everything from Social Security numbers to bank accounts, from passwords to intellectual property. John delivers those exact tools in a highly interactive, surprisingly humorous presentation inspired by his personal loss of more than $300,000, his business and two years to data theft. When individuals choose to “own” their identities—to take responsibility for sensitive data—everyone wins. Developing an emotional connection to data protection benefits the bottom line. This presentation utilizes John’s Think Like A SpySM model to deliver actionable strategies for defending against everything from dumpster divers to computer hackers.

Ethical Corporate Espionage: Using Digital Intelligence to Your Competitive Advantage

If you’re good at what you do, your competitors are tracking you. They understand your hiring strategies and org chart using social-business tools like LinkedIn. They track online reputation (yours and theirs) using automated social media feeds, logging your customers, their complaints and how to best win them away. They are purchasing social graph data from Facebook to intimately understand and attract your most profitable prospects. In essence, your competitors are leveraging the tools utilized by sophisticated data spies, but in legal, publicly available ways. How robust is your digital intelligence strategy? How well are you keeping up with your competitors’ latest moves so that you don’t get left behind? Googling the competition for competitive intelligence is like turning to MySpace for lead generation – outdated. In this presentation, John shares strategic best practices and tactical, ethical tools for monitoring your competitor’s changing position in the marketplace.

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach: Extinguishing Costly Data Security Hotspots

Identity theft and corporate data loss are a huge financial cost and legal liability to corporations and organizations.  It is imperative in the information economy to train your work-force on how to protect company data and information assets, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual.

Once your audience has a framework and common language for protecting their own sensitive information, the same tools can be easily adapted to protect valuable corporate data, including the mobile office, cloud computing and social media.  Audience members will leave with strategies to successfully protect your company’s data.

The 7 Secrets of Smart Social Networking: Overcoming Your Fears of Sharing Online

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are no longer just tools for teens. Whether as a communication device used personally by your employees, a marketing tool employed by your corporation or an intelligence-gathering device used by your competitors or enemies, the implications of social media on business privacy are breathtaking.

Social networking is immensely powerful and is here for the long run, but you must be aware of social networking dangers and then learn to harness and control the power.  John Sileo’s presentation targets businesses and individuals alike who want to proactively control their social media privacy footprint.

Fraud Jujitsu Boot Camp: Manipulation Detection and Defense

The greatest influencers in the business world know where to draw the line between persuasion and manipulation.  Criminals and fraudsters, on the contrary, exploit this line, and in doing so, have much to teach us about the highly powerful distinction.

A background in the dark art of manipulation not only prepares you to detect and deter fraud, it also equips you to flip deceit on its head to be used to ethically persuade and influence others.  If you’ve ever needed to train your people to detect fraud or increase their influence, you can do both with this presentation.

John Sileo’s identity was stolen from his business and used to embezzle almost a half-million dollars from his clients. While the thief covered his crimes using Sileo’s identity, John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s corporation and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail. But John chose to fight back and speak out.

Emerging from this crisis, John became America’s leading professional speaker on playing aggressive information offense, including identity theft prevention, social media exposure, data breach, cyber security, human manipulation and online reputation management. John is the award-winning author of Stolen Lives, The Facebook Safety Survival Guide and Privacy Means Profit (Wiley), and has recently appeared on 60 Minutes and Fox and Friends, for which he is a regular contributor.

Weaving his story together with cutting-edge research, disarming humor and hilarious audience interaction, John inspires data security from the inside out – building a foundation of personal protection with the purpose of expanding into the workplace. Information is the corporation’s most profitable asset – but it is human beings who defend it. By unleashing skills of instinct, curiosity, and prioritization, Sileo unconventionally empowers audiences to take control of sensitive data and bulletproof their bottom line before it’s too late.

John’s satisfied clients include the Department of Defense, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the FDIC, Pfizer, the Federal Trade Commission, Lincoln Financial, the Department of Homeland Security, AARP, Prudential, the Federal Reserve Bank, and scores of corporations, universities, and associations of all sizes.

John is President of The Sileo Group, which coaches organizations to thrive in the ever-changing world of information domination. He graduated from Harvard University with honors and spends his free time focusing on his wife and daughters.

CMr. Sileo’s Keynote fee is in the $10k-$15k range.

“Your keynote presentation Think Like a Spy: Identity Theft Prevention was particularly well received and a key reason why the vast majority of attendees expressed that this year’s conference was the best and most informative to date. Your personal experiences with identity theft and humorous approach to this serious subject gave attendees a keen insight as to how to prevent identity theft for Service members and families.”

— Tommy T. Thomas, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

“Awesome presentation! Perfect for closing the conference.”
—Meeting Planner, Blue Cross/Blue Shield
“Your presentation was outstanding! We continue to receive numerous positive comments about your presentation, which our audience found highly inspiring, informative, and fun. As a result of your presentation, we’ve seen important progress in employees’ awareness toward our agency’s goal of protecting sensitive personal information from harms.”
— Michael Bartell, CIO, FDIC
“John’s presentation was captivating,to say the least. His story is phenomenally sad. John rose above it all and now provides fantastic advice to companies and individuals on how to protect their identity. I left John’s presentation as equally inspired as when I left Mark Sanborn’s presentation. Next time, I’ll be sitting in the front row!”
—R. LaChance, Pfizer
“Your presentation helped to reinforce the important yet common sense tools that we all can use to protect our own privacy, and that we at the FTC can apply to protecting the personal information that the public entrusts to us. Over 150 staff members attended your informative and entertaining presentation and the response was very positive. It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff and we appreciate your highlighting the importance of protecting data and the devastating effects that can result from a data breach.”
—Kellie Cosgrove Riley, CPO, Federal Trade Comm




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