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tim-sanders-highTim Sanders is the author of the New York Times’ best sellers Love Is The Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, Saving the World at Work and The Likeability Factor. Tim’s keynotes explore the measurable aspects of likeability, including levels of friendliness, relevance, empathy, and realness and how you can improve your life by increasing your likeability factor.

From 2001 to 2003, Sanders served as the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, delivering next-generation marketing programs to world class brands. He currently serves as Yahoo!’s Leadership Coach as well as advises business and public sector leaders on next generation strategies. Sanders is one of the most eloquent and poignant speakers on the circuit, sought after to deliver high energy and compelling speeches and seminars.

Prior to his current position, Sanders created and led the Yahoo! ValueLab, an in-house “think tank” which delivers value-added propositions to prospective and current Yahoo! clients. The team Sanders built continues to serve as a consultation practice for clients by coordinating and leveraging Yahoo!’s resources to find, connect with, and add value to clients’ growth strategies.

Sanders joined Yahoo! as part of the acquisition of broadcast.com in July 1999. For over two years at broadcast.com, he served as an integral part of the company’s business services division and developed audio and video broadcast ventures for a variety of clients including The Limited, Inc. (the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Web cast), Harvard University, Dell Computers, Intel, and Ford Motors.

Sander’s dynamic speaking presence and presentation skills have landed him appearances at high-level executive conferences and graduate schools, as well as an enthusiastic endorsement from renowned business motivational speaker, Tom Peters. He developed and honed these skills as a competitive debater, where he was national debate and public speaking champion in five categories over his career.

Sanders attended Loyola Marymount University as an undergraduate and the University of Arizona for graduate work. He worked in the early cellular phone industry in the 1980s and produced content for cable television in the 1990s until going to work for broadcast.com in 1996.


Sales Genius is a Team Sport!To land a quality sale in today’s B2B landscape, innovation is required to cut through layers of complexity. A

Dealstorming-Front Cover-PlayTo land a quality sale in today’s B2B landscape, innovation is required to cut through layers of complexity. A

done deal is often 100 problems solved. This requires a collection of diverse minds collaborating together. The
top performers in sales have the habit of forming teams to tackle their biggest challenges. There’s a name for this process: Dealstorming. It’s based on fifteen years of enterprise sales experience as well as interviews with 200 sales leaders.

This keynote will inspire audiences to team up when faced with adversity in the sales or client retention process. It offers takeaways on how to recruit and prepare deal-teams as well as how to cultivate deal-mentors and inside champions.

Love is the Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence People

The most powerful force in business isn’t greed or brute force – it’s love for our customers, colleagues and partners. We show it by sharing our knowledge, our network of relationships and our compassion. When we Love is the killer app-Cover-Playdevelop a culture that emphasizes promotion of everyone’s success, stronger relationships are built and loyalty soars – delivering measurable business results.

This keynote offers new ways to mentor, connect people that should meet and approach leadership and customer service from a design point of view. Perfect for opening general sessions where knowledge sharing and networking is emphasized.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How relationships are bonded or broken in business, based on the Norm Of Reciprocity research.
  • How to be an effective mentor by following the knowledge gap lifecycle.
  • How to repair a damaged relationship or a mismanaged expectation.
  • Five email etiquette rules that will protect relationships and prevent burn out in your troops.  Based on the largest study to date on email habits at work.
  • A weekly plan to leverage networking to drive business results.  Follow it and you’ll double your network strength in less than one year.

Emotional Talent: The Final Frontier Of Leadership Development

Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted as saying “the leader’s role is to define reality, then give hope.” This requires
them to augment their physical intelligence with emotional talent – the combination of self awareness, control and social interaction skills. This gives them the ability to handle pressure, maintain high quality relationships and lead teams through adversity and change. Like any other talent, it grows with practice and feedback, starting with the motivation to complete one’s development.

This keynote is based on Tim’s extensive research into leadership psychology and dozens of programs for institutes, government agencies and leading corporations. Takeaways include how to assess one’s emotional strengths, read others emotions accurately and show empathy when it matters most.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Why the mood state can have a 1000% impact on a company’s innovation effectiveness.  Based on case studies inside companies like Motorola & Google, Sanders explains why most business is really ‘chemical warfare.’
  • Why your company’s emotional value proposition is key to attracting and retaining top talent.  How to integrate employee experience design into leadership.
  • Surprising research, revealing authenticity as a key emotional-talent attribute.  How to “Keep It Real” in a world of false promises, distracted bosses and truth-stretchers.
  • How to decode people’s emotions with 90% accuracy.  Reading people is a technique that IBM Data sales execs, CIA agents and champion poker players learn and hone.  Sanders will reveal the 7 Faces of Emotion, which can make you the smartest leader in the room.
  • Master the “Art of Deep Listening” with your talent and your customers.  How to borrow from the best interviewers in the world to uncover strategic insights in the field or around the office.  How to develop a more empathetic culture, leading to a customer-centric approach to selling and delivering.


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