Frank Miles

frankmiles.jpgA professional variety comedian with many TV and Las Vegas credits, Frank Miles almost died in a hang gliding accident and was revived by emergency room doctors. Courage – he suddenly realized – isn’t facing death, it’s facing life.

After a full recovery, Frank left the safety of his familiar career and embarked on a new adventure. Using comic monologues, juggling, music, and magic, he created startling and often beautiful visual metaphors to illustrate the simple truths that can set us free from fear. Frank has been honored with laughter and standing ovations from audiences as large as 14,000 people.

Laugh at Fear: Overcoming The Fears That Block Success
Overcome the Number One impediment to success and achievement: Fear. No one delivers a funnier, more energizing message on clobbering fear than Frank Miles. With hilarious monologues, juggling, magic, and music, Frank illustrates the simple truths that shatter self-imposed limits. Join the many Fortune 500 companies that have called on Frank to entertain and inspire. Hear his 7 Presentation Points which spell out …

oncentrate on the handle — what you can put in, how you can respond.
O pen your mind to the positive possibilities.
U se your mistakes to learn and grow.
R emember not to take yourself too seriously.
A lways keep the stakes in perspective.
G ive thanks for what you have — don’t fret about what you might not get.
E mbrace each choice as a path to a different adventure.


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