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Albert MensahAlbert Mensah was born and lived the first nienteen years of his life in Ghana. Born in a mud hut and living far from any urban center.  Albert’s life was hard. When he was just a small boy he carried water several miles each day to help his family survive.

From a dirt hut in a tiny village in the impoverished west African nation of Ghana to the pinnacle of speaking success worldwide, Albert Mensah has dreamed the dream and lived the dream. His inspiring, uplifting story, will captivate and invigorate you, your employees, your members, your conference attendees – anyone with a heartbeat. You’ll think, you’ll laugh, loudly and often; and if you’re not careful, you might even get a tear in your eye. Allstate Insurance, Boeing Corporation, John Deere Corporation, Nordstrom, Starbucks, TELUS Corporation, Wells Fargo Corporation…there are many reasons why these well known organizations and over 150 others on four continents have engaged this striving, driving, believing, achieving, self-professed “Opportuniac”…to keynote their conferences and inspire their people.

Dynamic platform skills – Albert Mensah consistently earns the very highest marks from those who see him speak. In addition, he has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Established in 1980, CSP is conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA) only on those accomplished speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria while demonstrating the highest level of professional platform skill. When you see the letters CSP following a speaker’s name you know you’re looking at a proven, experienced professional who’s one of the very best at what he does.

Inspirational and motivational: Albert Mensah’s presentations will inspire you, your people, your conference attendees. Yes, he’ll take you on a wonderful, life-affirming journey from the jungle and dirt roads of Ghana to this strange and foreboding new world called New York City. You’ll experience the draw and the power of the American dream through the eyes, ears, heart and mouth of an immigrant – and storyteller extraordinaire. And no, you won’t soon forget the experience. Practical.

Applicable. Actionable. Albert Mensah, though, delivers more than inspiration and motivation. Albert will give you practical, applicable, actionable tactics and strategies developed, tested, tried and proven over the course of 25 years of successful business experience. You’ll learn how this very black man with a pronounced accent worked his way up to become a top salesman for a Fortune 500 corporation…how he parlayed $5,100 and a love for soccer into a thriving sporting goods store…and how he quickly grew his speaking business, The Mensah Institute, from nothing to well over $300,000 in annual booking fees. People come away from a Mensah keynote entertained, inspired and motivated – but more importantly, with the practical, applicable, actionable tactics and strategies for acting on their inspiration and motivation. Because this warm, open and engaging former immigrant…this striver, driver, believer, achiever, now proud American citizen will have them thinking: “If Albert can do it, surely I can too!” {tab=Video}

Resilience: 10 Steps to help you begin again.

Giving context to matters of conscience and concern, Ghana-born Albert Mensah provides an affirming outlook that rewards tenacity and heartens the come-back spirit for individuals and organizations. Entering the stage in his native Adinkra, Albert shares his compelling personal journey from Ghana to America and later from prosperity to loss as he lives the American dream. Ending with the transformative steps that have inspired audiences for ten years, Albert addresses the human tendencies that affect our decisions, govern our thoughts and very often lead us to inaction and paths of least resistance.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Lessons gained from the various kinds of losses
  • 10 sequential and essential steps in beginning again
  • Why the first step is the most critical
  • To assess the value of old beliefs
  • How personal accountability and responsibility set the stage
  • The value of forgiveness
  • How to reality-test your current priorities
  • When to factor in visualization and affirmations
  • The value of partners in support
  • The gifts in others’ bad habits
  • The advantages of being a life-long student

Rebound! Create Your New Game Plan for Success

Lately, the news about business and your personal life have been thick with phrases like “Economic recession, weak dollar, unemployment, housing crisis, foreclosure, and “fears for the future”. However, the gloom-and doom headlines obscure many bright opportunities. At this revealing high-impact session, Albert Mensah will analyze today’s news and explain why he believes there are more opportunities now than before for everyone to be better servant leaders- if we will recognize where our strengths lie.

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When Albert was eight he saw his first movie.  It was an American movie and he saw people wearing shoes.  Every person in the movie wore shoes.  At that moment Albert conceived the first dream of his life: He dreamed of going to America to live!  He did not know how it could become possible, but he believed he could and would.  Someday he would live where everybody had shoes.  Without even realizing it, Albert had deployed the most pwerful principle that permits human success and achievement.  Albert had learned to Aim High!  He spent the next eleven year putting himself in position to turn his dream into reality.

After Albert decided he would come to America his friend in Africa teased and ridiculed him.  His nickname became “States” and it was not meant to be complimentary or suppostive.  After all, how could a poor little boy stuck in grinding poverty wind up in America?  Where would he get the money to go?  How would such a thing be possible?  Even if he did make it to America how would he earn a living?  Was his dream to become a cab driver in New York?  Any reasonable person would know that circumstances like these would be impossible to overcome.  Albert heard all these gloomy predictions but never quit believing he could come to American and be successful.

During his high school years Albert wrote hundreds of American colleges trying to obtain a scholarship.  Ultimately, Western Maryland College near Baltimore contacted Albert and invited him to come.  This was the ticket to America Albert had relentlessly pursued for so long.  Today, Albert is an American Citizen and has become one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world.  Albert Mensah, the hopeful immigrant from Africa has become America’s Dream Engineer.

Albert’s powerful message of hope and inspiration is based on his own life experience as he shares the practical skills and tools he used to become successful.  Albert believes that any person can become more successful if they can conceive a powerful dream that touches the heart of their existence.  Albert’s life in Africa and his amazing success since coming to America demontrates that high achievement always begins with Aiming High in the pursuit of such a dream.

Albert’s life in Africa and his amazing success since coming to America demontrates that high achievement always begins with Aiming High in the pursuit of such a dream.

Rising from his humble beginnings in Ghana, Africa, Albert Mensah has become one of the world’s leading motivational speaker, leadership coach and trainer for employees at top companies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With an impressive client list that boasts, Starbucks, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, John Deere Corporation, and Wells Fargo Bank, he has built a strong reputation among business leaders and corporate executives as the catalyst for driving employee morale, increasing work productivity, and enhancing team commitment through his energizing, inspirational, and often invigorating speaking engagements. A natural-born leader and pioneer, Albert quickly elevated in the highly saturated, competitive speaking industry and grew a startup company from zero to $300,000 in annual revenues through creative marketing and extensive networking strategies. True to his brand of excellence, he earned the prestigious, “Certified Speaker Professional” award—a nominal feat only given to the top 7% of international professional speakers—in just four years instead of the standard five-year period. He placed second in the Prestigious Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

Prior to launching his speaking business, Albert held a successful career in sales with some of key industry players in the telecommunications industry. Starting in sales representative positions, he rapidly advanced to a top contributor status by repeatedly exceeding annual revenue and quarterly sales quotas. He relied heavily on innovative marketing techniques, deep business acumen, and strategic relationships to consistently gain new clients and expand market share for the US West, Pacific Bell, and Donnelly Directories.

In 1993, intrigued by the US World Cup Soccer series held in the United States, Albert jumped at the opportunity to open a retail sporting gear store despite having no industry experience. Starting with a modest investment of a little more than $5,000, he steadily grew the retail store into a profitable, six-figure revenue operations securing contracts with the local high schools and sporting teams. The retail store generated double-digit revenue growth every year and was
later sold at a profit to a new owner.

An avid learner, Albert has a bachelor’s degree in English from Western Maryland College and has taken numerous training and advanced coursework at various institutions including University of Washington Extension School of Training & Development and the Dale Carnegie School of Public Speaking.

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