Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald was ranked #1 on the list of “26 Hot Speakers” by Successful Meetings magazine. Kelly is a marketing and advertising expert with 20 years of ad agency experience, on both the General Market and Latino sides of the business. She worked in top positions for several global ad agencies, including Young & Rubicam, TBWA Chiat/Day and Temerlin McClain before making the move to Latino advertising and marketing.

Kelly’s speaking client roster includes: Toyota, Sherwin-Williams, Harley-Davidson, Mattel, AAA Travel, BlueCross BlueShield, and dozens of financial organizations and associations.

As a professional speaker to businesses and organizations, Kelly shares marketing insights and teaches strategies and tactics for cultivating diverse consumers emotionally, rationally and with cultural relevance. Her topics are always customized to the specific industry and localized geographically as appropriate.

Come Together: Generational Differences and How to Effectively Work with Someone Much Older or Younger than You

Matures.  Boomers.  Gen X.  Gen Y.  Or are they called Millennials?  Why is Gen X called “X”? Why don’t Boomers realize there’s more to life than work?  And why don’t Millennials realize that their 5:00 yoga class does not take precedence over a client deadline?  What happened to “paying your dues”?  Why doesn’t my supervisor praise me and appreciate me for all the great things I do every day? These questions are being asked and grumbled about in every office everywhere in the country.  Any time two or more generations work side by side, there are going to be potential differences in the approach to work and collaboration.  But never have the differences between these generations been so profoundly marked as they are now.  Why?  And more importantly, how do you learn to work with someone who has such a different approach to work, not to mention their values and priorities? This presentation will focus on key generational differences and how you can work effectively with someone much older or younger than you – and enjoy it!

Additional Topics:

* How to Connect With People Regardless of Age, Wage or Lifestage
* How to Market to People Not Like You
* Marketing 101 – the Basics of Advertising & Marketing
* Relating, Not Translating: How to Market to U.S Latinos
* How to Be a Latino-Ready and Latino-Friendly Employer
* Diversity in America: the Growing Impact on Work, Organization and Consumers
* How to Best Reach the Hispanic Family in Your Schools
* How to Be a Culturally-Ready and Culturally-Friendly Employer
* Customer Service: How to Keep Customers Rushing Back for More
* How to Incorporate Outstanding Customer Service into Your Marketing Plan
* Social Media & Social Marketing – How to Use It to Grow Business in a Low Cost, No Cost Manner

How to be a Latino-Ready & Latino-Friendly Employer: Insights into Your Hispanic Workforce
The U.S. Hispanic population is exploding, and in some industries, as many as one in four workers is Hispanic. This shift in demographics is a permanent one and brings many changes to our society and our workforce. These changes also bring unique challenges to employers and workers as values sometimes differ in Anglo and Hispanic culture.

This presentation will focus on how you can best reach the Hispanic worker by understanding the varying levels of acculturation, the values associated with each, and how to increase productivity and retention among your diverse workforce.

Latinos: A Marketer’s Dream
Learn about the 3 L’s: that the Latino market is large, lucrative, and loyal, making this segment truly a marketer’s dream. You’ll see how the “Latinization of America” is changing the landscape all around us and how major companies and brands are changing their business to capture the hearts and wallets of this exploding population. Learn why advertising and marketing budgets are decreasing in general, but increasing for Hispanic marketing. Latinos are avid consumers, big spenders, fiercely brand loyal, and powerfully influential. Learn why and how your brand or service should consider this incredible market and how you can grow your sales and profits.

The Four Latino Mindsets
It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” world! There are four specific Latino cultural mindsets. To effectively market to U.S. Hispanics, you must first understand which one(s) are right for your brand or product and how to best reach those Latinos. Acculturation is explained and used to determine which Latino mindset offers the best high-potential target consumer for your business.

Fusion Marketing
Within the total U.S. Latino population, the largest sub-segment is a group of Latinos who are already “fused” with the general market. These Latinos are bilingual , bicultural, and the ones every advertiser and marketer wants. They’re affluent, hip, and highly brand conscious and brand loyal. Learn who these Latinos are, how to reach them, and how to make your brand their brand of choice. “Spanglish,” a controversial but rapidly growing language, is also discussed.

Relating, Not Translating
Kelly’s most popular topic, “Relating, Not Translating” explains why marketing to Latinos involves more then simply translating your message into Spanish. You need to reach Latinos intellectually, rationally, emotionally, and most importantly, culturally. In this session, you’ll learn the most common mistakes made in marketing to Latinos, how to avoid them, and how to specifically reach your target consumer in a culturally relevant way that will increase sales and profits today and manana. Your audience will leave with specific tools they can implement right away. “Spanglish” and “Transcreation” will also be discussed, as well as do’s and don’ts.

“Thanks for everything! The presentation to our group…the copy of your presentation…the clever conversation…You have a great way of presenting interesting facts. Our group got a lot out of your presentation. Your scored the highest of any speaker we’ve ever had. Thanks!”
John Collins, Executive Director, Automotive Sales Council

“Kelly’s reviews were excellent. Lots of attendees stayed after with questions, which is always a good sign.
Kelly is a pleasure to work with; she is always prepared and enthusiastic.”
Sally Matteson, Education Director, World Shoe Association

“Kelly did an outstanding job presenting to our delegates at the 2006 Missouri Governor’s Conference on tourism. Her presentation was powerful, engaging, motivating and most of all, timely! I know our delegates learned a great deal. It was a pleasure working with Kelly, and I look forward to calling on her expertise again in the future.”
Jeff Wholt, Conference Director, Missouri Division of Tourism

“Kelly is a joy to work with.”
Susan Dysart, Education Director, Texas Society of CPA’s

“Of all of the speakers I’ve ever booked, Kelly is the best… and I’ve been booking speakers since 1996. Definitely the highest-rated speaker I’ve had this year.
She was phenomenal, both in terms of content and delivery. And she had substance relevant to our audience.
Kelly really knows her stuff. She delivered more than I thought was humanly possible.”

Kimberly Adams, Member Benefits Consultant , National Education Association (NEA)

“Everyone loves Kelly’s energy and enthusiasm, and her material is up-to-date and interesting. We will certainly recommend her to lots of other state banking associations.”
Joyce Thomas, Education Director, Nebraska Bankers Association

“Kelly, you did it again – and of course, I’m not surprised. You were one of the highest rated presenters of the conference…just like last year. Thanks again for helping make this a very successful travel conference. Your area of expertise will only become more and more relevant to AAA Travel.”
Elizabeth A. Sell, Managing Director, AAA Travel Products

“It was a pleasure working with Kelly; she definitely lived up to her billing. Her presentation was incredible; our attendees talked about it the whole time. Please list us as a truly satisfied customer.”
Chris Sanders, Director of Education, Oklahoma Bankers Association

“Kelly did another wonderful job for the MBA at our Emerging Markets Conference. She scored a 4.71 out of 5.00. Some of the comments from our attendees: ‘McDonald was unbelievable!’, ‘Marketing was very beneficial-she was excellent’, ‘Kelly McDonald session was the best.’ Thanks!”
Chris Harrison, Education Coordinator, Minnesota Bankers Association

“Thank you for speaking at our Executive Housekeepers Conference. You truly impressed our group and were the talk of the conference!! Your enthusiasm was contagious.”
Alison Casler, Manager of Training & Development, Drury Hotels

“Great lady, great information and great delivery! As an educational development person, I certainly couldn’t ask for more! As you can see from the evaluations, our participants gave you high marks again. You ‘WOWED EM’, Kelly!!!”
Mary Jaros, Education Program Director, Illinois Credit Union League

“Our employees and managers have heard Kelly speak on many occasions and she is always welcomed enthusiastically. Her ability to interact with an audience and infuse them with knowledge and insight make her a popular choice over other speakers who simply ‘lecture’.”
Karen Allen, Director of Advertising, Subaru of America

“Kelly’s understanding of the Hispanic market is amazing. She knows how to take a lot of information on a complex subject and bring it like a snapshot into clear focus for the audience.”
Fernando Gomez, YupiMSN


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