Ken Mayland

Ken MaylandDr. Ken Mayland is President of ClearView Economics,a firm specializing in economic research and forecasting.  Ken was previously the Chief Economist of two major financial institutions (First Pennsylvania Bank and KeyCorp).  Graduating with degrees in economics from MIT (undergraduate) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.A. and Ph.D.), he has spent more than thirty years studying the business cycle and providing economic analyses to a variety of constituencies.

Dr. Mayland is a member of the Blue Chip Economic Forecasters and Financial Forecasts survey panels, and several wire service and newspaper survey panels.  He has been a past member of the Economic Advisory Committee for the State of Ohio under various Governors, and he has held several leadership positions with the National Association for Business Economics.

Ken is frequently quoted in the local and national media, is listed in Who’s Who in America, and has won several awards in recent years from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for “best forecasts.” As a member of the BusinessWeek Annual Economic Forecasting Survey panel, Ken hit the 2002 GDP, unemployment rate, and CPI inflation projections within a tenth of a percent.  Ken was the second best forecaster in USA Today’s forecasting panel for all of 2003.  Bloomberg Magazine (November 2004) identified Dr. Ken as the nation’s top forecaster in its mid-2003 to mid-2004 tally of forecasts. In the forecast year of mid-2004 to mid-2005, Bloomberg Magazine (December 2005) had Dr. Ken as the best forecaster (tied) of the unemployment rate and the fifth best forecaster of the inflation rate. In a feature article, Fortune Magazine (11/27/00) identified Ken (along with three others), “as one of the sexiest economists alive.”  (He will NOT, however, do presentations sans shirt.)

In the first half of 2006 USA Today once again identified Dr. Ken as one of the nation’s top ten forecasters for 2005 (#7) and in December 2006, BusinessWeek determined that Dr. Ken was THE #1 most accurate forecaster for 2006.

In 2007 won the Lawrence R. Klein award for Blue Chip Economic Indicators forecast accuracy. This award is presented by Arizona State University for the person who best forecasted real GDP, CPI inflation, the unemployment rate, and the 3-month Treasury bill rate over the 4-year period 2003-2006.  By design, the winner of this award must be a consistently good forecaster.

Feedback (company names redacted, direct references available on request):

(1/9/09): Thank you Dr. Mayland! It was my great pleasure to work with you and to meet you. I found your presentation to be quite informative and easy to understand! You were a hit here among our guests as I have had tons of requests for your powerpoint presentation.

(11/16/08): Feedback was great all in all.  Especially on your part. You made me look like a hero!  You scored a 4.71 average out of 5, the highest presenter!  Very timely was the general reply…

(10/13/08): The session went very well.  Sound was fine, slides were good.  Our attendees got a lot out of the presentation, as they always do with you.

(10/7/08): Many thanks for being our XXXX luncheon speaker this month, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise in the economy, especially in these troubled times. You helped all of us, in your unique and exceptional way, to understand the complexities and interdependencies of a world economy, and of the crisis that we are facing. The feedback from your talk was extremely positive and we thank you for further strengthening the quality and the value of our Speaker program.

(9/8/08): Your session was wonderful and really opened my eyes as well as put a few things in perspective.  Thanks again.



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