Bob Love

Growing up poor and one of fourteen children in rural Louisiana, Bob Love had a dream to play in the NBA.  Not able to afford a basket or basketball, Bob nailed a coat hanger to the side of his grandmother’s house and used his imagination. Despite his great success as an athlete, Bob was not able to do something we all take for granted: speak without stuttering.  As a child, he dreamed of speaking without a sever stutter; to overcome the long periods where he could not speak at all and not stumble over his words.  Forty years later, Bob would realize his dream not only to speak clearly but also to become a professional speaker.

As the greatest player to ever wear a Chicago Bulls uniform before
Michael Jordan, Bob score 12,263 points in his marvelous career.  A
three-time NBA All-Star who averaged 23 points per game over eight
seasons, Bob had his jersey retired by the Chicago Bulls on January 14,

Few life stories are as dramatic as Bob Love’s.  After injuring his
back in an NBA game, doctors told him he would never walk again.  The
odds just seemed to be stacked against him.

Unable to speak, bob tried for seven years to find a steady job and in
1984, found work as a dishwasher for measly wages.  While at work, Bob
found a speech therapist who helped him learn to speak.  At the age of
45, bob realized his dream of being able to speak without stuttering.

The Chicago Bulls heard about Bob’s success and offered him the job of
Director of Community Relations.  He would now earn a salary speaking
about the Bulls and life in general, something he never thought would
be possible.  Bob now speaks on behalf of the Bulls in the Chicagoland
community and across the country.

Bob’s presentations focus on the importance of dreams and how to hold
on to them.  He uses vivid examples from his own life story to teach
audiences how they can overcome adversity and be motivated for success
through his “Five Rules For The Game Of Life.”

A powerful and highly-rated motivational speaker for 2009, contact us
for more information on booking Bob Love for your next meeting or
special event.

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