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Len NicholsLen Nichols became the Director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics and a Professor of Health Policy at George Mason University in March of 2010.  He plans to continue the work began he began at the New America Foundation, bridging the worlds of health economics and health services research for health system stakeholders and clinical leaders, elected and appointed policy officials and journalists. He founded and directed Health CEOs for Health Reform, a group that was pivotal in helping policy makers see that delivery system reform and health insurance reform are necessary and feasible complements.



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Payment and Delivery Reform: Surviving and Thriving on the Next Frontier.  This presentation updates federal and state budget and political environments briefly to recall the sense of urgency of reducing health care cost growth.  The bulk of the presentation   is on payment and delivery reform models, options, and real world examples, including federal and private efforts to transition from fee for service to more global and performance based payments (various forms of ACOs, PCMHs, bundles, value based purchasing arrangements, medical neighborhoods, etc).  Alternative forms of physician and other partnerships will also be analyzed.  Emphasis throughout on data tools, warning signs, strategies and tactics to align hospital and physician interests with the policy goals of the ACA (e.g., triple aim), and to protect hospitals and clinicians from the overzealous pursuit of those goals.

Hospital Leadership and Community Stewardship: Transitioning from Patient Care to Population Health.  This presentation examines the various roles hospitals play in their communities: health service provider, employer, educator, and coordinator of social services for patients-citizens-residents.  The ACA requirement for all non-profit hospitals to produce and publish a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and a response/action plan illustrates the point that the ACA is partly/mostly about forcing more of a focus on population health.  Hospitals that incorporate population health into their capital allocations, process re-designs and business models will be better aligned with emerging payment modalities and with surrounding and supportive economic and social environments than those that do not.   Therefore, Hospital Leadership and Community Stewardship will be more synonymous in the future than they are now.

What Insurance Reforms Mean for Health Service Market Competition and Collaboration.  Given the Supreme Court ruling and the 2012 election results, 2014 promises to be a momentus time in US health policy, as 10-40 million Americans gain coverage and the ability to pay for health services for the first time.  Whether that coverage expansion is mostly public (Medicaid) or mostly private (through health insurance exchanges and individual purchase requirements) will also affect most providers, since payment rates and mechanisms plus reporting requirements will vary accordingly in most states.  Developments in private and public insurance benefit design, in care coordination and multi-payer payment reform, and the new regulations on insurers will be reviewed as all have implications for providers in general and hospitals in particular, especially over time as new market modalities get established.  Preparing for that future is an exercise for the wise and prudent, and this presentation will help with that.


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Health Reform, Exchanges, and Hospitals: Connecting the Dots.  This presentation will briefly explain the main reasons reform legislation passed this year, and then focus on how the insurance market changes — exemplified in the new exchanges that will reorganize non-group and small group markets in 2014 — complement and buttress the delivery and payment reform changes coming down the pike.  The presentation will include how all this will affect hospitals, both as health providers and as employers with their own insurance plans for their workers.
Health System Reform 2010: Making Real Health Reform Work.  This presentation will explain why Congress finally passed health reform this year, and clarify how insurance reforms and delivery and payment reforms in the bill complement each other.  The second half of the presentation will dive deeper into alternative payment reform models and how hospitals could position themselves to prosper in a new world of transparency and incentive realignment.

Nichols has testified frequently before Congress and state legislatures, published widely ina variety of health journals, and are a popular public speaker on health policy and politics.  He has recently been elected to the Boards of Academy Health, the National Center for Quality Assurance, and the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement.  Before joining George Mason, Nichols served as the Director of the Health Policy Program at the New America Foundation, the vice president of the Center for Studying Health System Change, a principal research associate at the Urban Institute, senior advisor for health policy at the Office of Management and Budget during the Clinton Administration’s health reform effort, and chair of the Economics Department at Wellesley College.  He has advised the World Bank and the Pan American Health Organization, as well as various state governments and departments of the US Government.

Because of his reputation as an honest and knowledgeable health policy analyst, he is frequently interviewed and quoted by major media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, National Public Radio, Lehrer News Hour, the British Broadcasting Service, NBC Nightly News, ABC News Tonight, and CBS Evening News. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 1980.

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