Magic Johnson

Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson is universally known for his 13 year career in the NBA.
His honors include: five national championships with the Los Angeles
Lakers, 3 MVP awards, 12 NBA All-Star games, a gold medal at the 1992
Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and induction into the Naismith Memorial
Basketball Hall of Fame.
Mr. Johnson is currently Vice President and part owner of the Los
Angeles Lakers
He’s also the Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer of Magic Johnson Enterprises, which was formed in
1987. Through strategic investments, partnerships and endorsements,
Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) provides products and services that
particularly focus on ethnically diverse urban communities.

MJE is comprised of a portfolio of companies that include Urban
Coffee Opportunities (making MJE the only joint venture partner of
Starbucks), Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund which is the country’s largest
private real estate fund focused on the revitalization of underserved
communities, over 30 Burger King restaurants, a dozen 24 Hour Fitness
Magic Sport centers, a T.G.I. Fridays restaurant, and a long-standing
partnership with AMC Magic Johnson Theatres.

MJE recently launched several additional initiatives: SodexoMagic,
LLC and respective partnerships with Aetna and Best Buy. SodexoMagic,
LLC provides an extensive portfolio of food and facilities management
services as well as offers signature dining facilities. MJE’s alliance
with Aetna will empower businesses and ethnically diverse communities
to make informed choices about health care options by improving health
care literacy and demonstrating the benefits of wellness. Similarly,
MJE has entered into a multi-year relationship with retail giant Best
Buy to enhance urban retail growth strategies and implement diversity
outreach with multicultural consumers.

The aforementioned businesses have been at the forefront of urban
development, raising the understanding of the importance of the
multicultural consumer, and are directly responsible for tremendous
growth across the country. Through MJE, Mr. Johnson has bolstered the
economy by establishing brand name businesses in underserved
communities, training and hiring local residents, employing local
contractors, and opening the door for other businesses to find success
in diverse communities.

In addition to his varied business accomplishments, Mr. Johnson was
voted (unaided) number one at representing the urban community,
garnering a higher percentage than any other organization or
personality (February 2008 Yankelovich/Magic Johnson Brand Study). He
was also voted the number one rated athlete for corporate endorsements
(TSE Sports & Entertainment Survey, April 2007) and one of the most
highly rated celebrities able to influence consumer purchasing power
(rated 6 out of 350 according to the 2006 Davie Brown Index).

As Chairman and Founder of the Magic Johnson Foundation, Inc., Mr.
Johnson is dedicated to developing programs and supporting services
that address the educational, health and social needs of ethnically
diverse, urban communities. Founded in 1991, the Magic Johnson
Foundation (MJF) has become one of the most recognizable charitable
organizations around the world.

Over the past few years, the MJF has awarded more than $1.1 million
to community-based organizations that focus on HIV/AIDS education and
prevention, established four HIV/AIDS clinics and has co-created the
award-winning “I Stand With Magic” campaign to end HIV/AIDS in the
black community. Additionally, the MJF has supported more than 800
minority high school students with college scholarships (many through
the organization’s Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program), opened 20
Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Centers located in underserved
communities across the country, and provides a range of community-based
initiatives including an annual children’s Mardi Gras, holiday toy
drive and semi-annual job fair.

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