Maddy Kent Dychtwald

Maddy DychtwaldMaddy Kent Dychtwald is a nationally recognized public speaker, author,
marketing executive, and entrepreneur. One of the nation’s leading
authorities on the boomers and generational marketing, 12 years ago she
co-founded Age Wave, Inc., the nation’s premier think tank focused on
consumer marketing trends related to boomers and the mature market and
serves as the Sr VP.

previewvideo.png Maddy’s latest book, Cycles: How We Will Live, Work
and Buy has been described as the “Megatrends for the 21st century.”
Her presentations combine provocative information with exciting
multimedia imagery.

New Topics:

With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life
Success can be looked at from different perspectives at different points in our lives. As a child, it had a lot to do with pleasing our parents. In our teens, it may have been about academic achievement and popularity with our peers. As a working adult, success is often represented by the challenge of simultaneously creating a blossoming family and burgeoning career. In recent years, there’s been an enormous focus on material gain. But what comes next?  What should be the right balance between the “Dow” and the “Tao?” Is it too late to have new dreams, go back to school, re-ignite your career, fall in love again, become a philanthropreneur, reinvent yourself, and maybe even help change the world? This powerful new presentation  rethinks adulthood, relationships, work and retirement, explores the purpose of life’s new third act and answers the question: what is the new model of success?

Four Generations Rethink Work, Retirement and Success
We are living in the midst of unprecedented demographic, economic and social changes that impact nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives.  Increasing longevity and insufficient savings mean that older workers will be working longer and shrinking their retirement.  Mid-career workers are trying to reboot their enthusiasm for a longer and more demanding worklife as they simultaneously try to fund their future retirement. Young workers are struggling to enter the workforce during tough economic times.  What makes each of the four working generations tick – and perform at their best? What are they looking to get from – and give to – their jobs?  How will they measure success in this new era? This presentation will explore these issues while showing how to retain and attract valuable talent and enhance productivity through programs such as: creative use of flexible work arrangements, innovative learning and mentoring opportunities, sabbaticals, retraining, re-careering, flex-retirement and creative compensation and benefits programs.

Retirement Wake-Up Call: The Future of Financial Services
How has today’s financial crisis altered the relationship between client and financial advisor? Based on research findings from numerous highly acclaimed Age Wave studies on retirement and financial services, this presentation sheds light on which aspects of the financial services industry are dying and which are coming alive.  It outlines the “new” retirement-related needs, worries, and aspirations – and how financial services firms and advisors can  re-establish trust with the wary public.  Meet the “Ageless Explorers,” the “Comfortably Contents,” the “Live for Todays” and the “Sick and Tireds.” Learn how each group feels about their lives, their prospects for fulfilling their hopes and dreams for retirement and what role financial planning, employer support and/or government policies have played in getting them to where they are today. This presentation also covers how the emerging adult lifestage demands of careers, parenthood, eldercare, grandparenthood, singlehood, disability and rehirement will affect savings and retirement funding.

Power Shift: How Women’s Rising Power will Change the World
Now, more than ever, the role of women in defining and driving business is paramount. Women already control more than 50% of all consumer spending.  They are being educated in higher numbers than men and are now, for the first time in history, employed in higher numbers than men. While many of today’s women stand strong when wielding earning power, many still slump in their financial confidence, long-term financial decision-making skills, economic control and investment power. The final frontier for women in the gender revolution will be gaining muscle and control over their money. Based on groundbreaking findings from Age Wave’s landmark research study “Women, Money, and Power,” this presentation reveals important new insights on women and their relationship to money. It provides an illuminating and in-depth look at women’s motivations, fears, and challenges around money, saving, and spending and shows how to most effectively target their needs and hopes.

How the Age Wave Will Transform the Marketplace – and Our Lives
This visionary presentation offers deep insights into the global population shifts that are occurring and what they mean for business and marketers. How might increasing longevity and declining fertility impact societies, economies, families and individual lives? Do people want to live traditional “linear” or more flexible “cyclic” lives and how does that alter brand loyalty? How will the “age wave” impact the consumer marketplace and which sectors and products will shrink and which will grow: from vitamins and nutraceuticals, cookies to lifetime income insurance and anti-aging healthcare, and from adventure travel to edutainment. Which industries – and countries – are hopeful about their “age wave” prospects and which are fearful? This presentation outlines how companies should orient their branding and marketing to best resonate with the new generation of “middlescent” adults. Dr. Ken Dychtwald will also provide a list of “key marketing lessons” from 35 years on the front lines – that can be applied by marketers across industries.
(Note: This presentation can be shaped to focus either on the US, North American or Global Age Wave.)

The Longevity Revolution: The Future of Health and Healthcare
This sweeping presentation provides a visionary glimpse into the future of the body, health and healthcare. How long might we live? Will our later years be a time of health and vitality or illness and disability? Are we heading toward “Shangri-la” or “Gerassic Park?”  How far will we go in our pursuit of the “fountain of health?” What are the new frontiers of medicine – from genomics, anti-aging therapies, therapeutic cloning and virtual surgery to pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. How might they be used to combat the diseases of aging? What role will consumer empowerment and self-care play in the new healthcare marketplace? This presentation previews how rising longevity, the aging of the population, and increasingly self-empowered consumers are converging to transform nearly every aspect of our healthcare system—from professional training and geriatric competency to IT, from facility design to service delivery, from high tech to self-care.

The New Experiential Marketplace
At this moment in history – with so many fears and worries – there is a deepening appreciation for the immeasurable value of great times with friends and loved ones, the satisfaction of continued personal growth and lifelong learning and the excitement of encountering new people, places and cultures. In addition, fueled by the dual liberations of empty nesting and retirement, tens of millions of men and women are beginning to enjoy more free time than at any other point in their lives. These forces are causing a massive shift in interest from a desire to purchase “things” to an unquenchable appetite for new, exciting, stimulating and challenging “experiences.” Learn how this change will transform the consumer marketplace and give birth to a new assortment of travel, leisure, recreation, rejuvenation, entertainment, infotainment, housing, volunteering and lifelong learning industries.


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