Bob DeStefano

Bob DestefanoBob DeStefano is an online marketing strategist and professional speaker with over 15 years experience helping companies leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results.

If your attendees want better results from their marketing and want to learn strategies they can put to work immediately, Bob is the marketing speaker you are looking for. Bob makes online marketing understandable and empowers business leaders with actionable tips and strategies they can put to work to generate leads and sales, strengthen relationships with customers and measure the return on their marketing investments.

Since the birth of the commercial Web in the early 1990’s, Bob has been helping business leaders create successful online marketing strategies. Bob’s online marketing career began as a strategic planner for Dean Witter, Discover & Co. specializing in Internet and online marketing strategies. At Dean Witter, Bob led an interdepartmental executive team in the creation of the company’s first Website.

As president of SVM E-Business Solutions, a leading B-to-B online marketing agency, Bob has worked with a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, to help them leverage online marketing to achieve bottom-line results.

Bob’s powerful presentations are perfect for leaders who want to take their marketing to the next level.  In each presentation, Bob makes online marketing understandable and empowers business leaders with actionable strategies they can implement immediately to produce significant results online.

All keynotes and workshops are customized for your specific needs.  Below are of a few of the most requested topics:

How to Build an Online Marketing Machine

Sure you have a Website, but are you turning enough visitors into leads for your sales process?  Your answer can be the difference between a Website that is a money-maker and one that is nothing more than a glorified brochure.

This enlightening presentation will provide you with a practical roadmap for transforming your Website into an Online Marketing Machine.  You will learn how to harness the power of search engine marketing, a customer-focused Website, email marketing and Web analytics into an integrated marketing system that will continually generate new business, strengthen relationships with customers and maximize the results from your marketing investments.  Whether you are an online marketing novice or an expert, you will learn actionable strategies to:

Make your Website customer-focused
Drive targeted visitors to your Website
Convert anonymous visitors into named leads
Nurture relationships with customers and prospects
Measure the return on all marketing investments

Seven Steps to Search Engine Marketing Success

Right now, somewhere, a potential customer is searching for your products. But, who will they find first — your company or your competition?  Search engine marketing is all about getting in front of customers at the very moment they are searching for your products on Google and the other engines. But how do you take full advantage of search engine marketing and outshine your competition?

This powerful presentation will take the mystery out of search engine marketing, make it understandable and put you on the path to success.  Whether you are an online marketing novice or an expert, you will learn proven ways to:

Choose the best keyword phrases
Make your Website attractive to Google
Attract quality links to your Website
Run a results-focused paid search campaign
Measure search engine marketing success

Online Marketing without Breaking the Bank

In tough economic times, it is essential to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go.  Many companies have realized that online marketing offers a tremendous opportunity to build business for next to nothing.  But how do you get started?

In this presentation we will introduce a variety of ‘no-cost’ or ‘low cost’ techniques designed to help you get the most out of your online marketing bucks.  Whether you are an online marketing novice or an expert, you will learn successful strategies to:

Turn your website into a zero-cost source of leads
Economically attract visitors with search engine marketing
Harness online PR strategies for low-cost awareness building
Utilize low-cost strategies for nurturing customer relationships
Employ free tools to measure your online marketing results

How to be Successful with Email Marketing

Is your email newsletter a success? The big challenge in producing a successful email newsletter is generating content that will motivate prospects and customers to open, read, and respond. E-newsletters that simply provide a recap of your latest products and news may be of great interest to you, but they are of little interest to your readers.

This enlightening webinar will show you how to make your e-newsletter a ‘must read’ and a valuable nurturing tool for you business. Whether you are an online marketing novice or an expert, you will learn proven tips to:

Define an effective email marketing strategy
Build your list and gain permission
Create content your customers will love
Measure the success of your email marketing efforts

How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine

Is your Website a lead generation machine? Your Website should be your most powerful marketing tool, delivering a steady stream of new business leads filling your sales pipeline. Unfortunately, most companies do not optimize their Websites for lead generation — offering nothing more than a passive online brochure.

This powerful presentation will make online marketing understandable and provide you with actionable tips, best practices and strategies for transforming your Website into a powerful lead generation machine. Whether you are an online marketing novice or an expert, you will learn proven ways to:

Establish a niche online marketing strategy
Create a Website your prospects & customers will love
Leverage the best online lead generation techniques that most companies fail to use
Generate a steady stream of new business online
Measure your online marketing success

Social Media Marketing:  To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

If you follow the latest trends in online marketing, and maybe even if you don’t, you are probably hearing plenty of buzz about social media.  Marketing professionals throughout the world are praising social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the answer to all of our marketing prayers.

So, what is social media and should you jump on the marketing bandwagon?  This presentation will separate the hype from the helpful in social media marketing so you can figure out if your business should dive in and how to effectively integrate social media into your marketing mix.


“Bob, I’m happy to report that our conference received very positive reviews — due in large part to your fine online marketing presentation. The comments of the attendees say it best: ‘Excellent speaker, very informative, very useful information,’ ‘Excellent, especially for the non-tech people’ and ‘Great info – well presented and easy to understand.’ Wow! Those are some great comments and those are just a few! Bob, I always want the audience to have a good ‘take away’ of practical information from this workshop. You hit a home run!” Don Farley, Director of Marketing Forging Industry Association

“Our conference attendees, a group of tech-savvy trade association CEOs, rated Bob DeStefano’s presentation the best of the entire meeting. Bob explains online marketing in understandable yet very thorough terms. His presentation was essentially a checklist of what to do and how to do it in order to be successful online in the 21st century.” Dave Asselin, Executive Director National Association of Manufacturers

“Many thanks, Bob, for the excellent online marketing workshop that you led in Boston for our members of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors Association Executives Council. Your energetic program provided our members with the insight to harness the power of the Web and online marketing. We received lots and lots of positive comments about the take-home value you provided. You were one of a select few to have been invited to be with us and you exceeded expectations.” Ron Schreibman, Senior Vice President National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

“Thank you, Bob, for the excellent keynote presentation at the National Cabinet Conference & Woodworking Show. Your common sense approach to these important and timely online marketing topics is extremely refreshing. We do a number of conferences in the U.S. and Canada and I definitely plan to contact you to speak again.” Rich Christianson, Associate Publisher Vance Publishing

“Your online marketing presentation was so well received. You gave members insightful information about online marketing tools and techniques that will generate results. Thank you for being such a great resource for our Association. We truly appreciate the time, effort and expertise you shared with NAHAD members” Joe Thompson, Executive Director The Assoc. for Hose and Accessories Distribution

“I heard Bob DeStefano make presentations at two industry conventions. He was extremely well received. As a result, we asked Bob to conduct a webcast for Industrial Distribution readers. The response was terrific! Bob not only knows his subject area very well but has an excellent rapport with his audience.” Jack Keough, Editor/Associate Publisher Industrial Distribution

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