Donna Cutting

Donna CuttingDonna Cutting is an expert at audience interaction. Drawing on her experience as a stage actress and her passion for her topics, she delivers her content with her trademark enthusiasm and theatrical style. She’s known for her Keynote Theater style presentations, turning her audience members into the stars of the show with her signature “Celebrity Experience” by making them the stars of her show.

Donna Cutting is a nationally recognized expert in employee engagement and extraordinary customer service. She is the author of The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Red Carpet Customer Service, published by Wiley. In her research for the book, Donna went right to the source, Hollywood, spending a year and a half interviewing people who own, manage, or work for companies that cater to the Tinsel town elite to learn what “real world” businesses can do to provide celebrity-caliber service.

Donna Cutting combines her experience in the theater and her passion for fun, she delivers her content in a high energy style with her trademark enthusiasm.  Her presentations mix include hilarious Keynote Theater™ bits, side-splitting song parodies and exceptional audience interaction. Donna combines her dramatic, fun and humorous style of presenting with easy and action-oriented/practical ideas and strategies that people can implement immediately.

Prior to becoming a speaker and author, Donna spent almost two decades managing creative programs and leading employee engagement initiatives in the healthcare field. She was also the owner of Whimsical Notions Interactive Theater company and performed one woman shows for children and adults across the state of Florida for four years.

The Past President of the National Speakers Association of Central Florida, Donna was recently named the winner of the prestigious Rosita Perez Spirit Award, and was elected Chapter member of the year in 2003. Donna is a member of Athletes and Executives, the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and Recognition Professionals International. She is a volunteer dreamweaver for Second Wind Dreams, an organization that helps make dreams come true for elders living in nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Donna’s Presentation Topics:

The Case of the Lost Employees Featuring Donna Cutting as Gal Morale™ mixes Keynote Theater™ and traditional presentation style, providing clues and action steps for solving the crime of low employee engagement. Attendees walk away with immediately applicable ideas and strategies for welcoming new employees, rewarding and recognizing all employees, and creating a workplace environment conducive to high productivity and extraordinary service. Best of all, the audience members are the STARS of the show — and you’ll be laughing while you learn!

You’ll get the low down on:

  • What employees REALLY want – aside from pulling in a paycheck
  • Why employees STAY on the job – and stay engaged!
  • Why employee appreciation is NOT just a job for the HR Department.
  • Low Morale – Discovering the clues and rounding up the suspects.
  • How to solve the Crime – 25-75 no cost or low-cost strategies for recognizing the difference employees make to your company.
  • Constructing a plan to incorporate celebration, reward, recognition and heart into the workplace with the desired outcome of high morale, lower staff turnover and higher productivity.

The Celebrity Experience: How to Make Your Customers Feel Like STARS

Based on Donna’s book, The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red Carpet Customer Service, this presentation shows you how to turn customers into lifelong raving fans by giving them the star treatment. You will walk away inspired by the stories of people and organizations that strive to become extraordinary. You will be given ideas and ACTION steps that you can implement immediately that will have your customers saying WOW!

Best of all, as in all of Donna’s presentations, the audience is the star of the show! Filled with humor, interaction, and surprises you will be engaged from beginning to end. Donna even travels with her own red carpet!

This is the perfect opening keynote, to set the stage for a star-studded event – or a closing keynote – to have everyone walking away feeling like stars and knowing how to treat others the same way!

Walk away learning:

  • The difference, in action and attitude, between companies that give mediocre service and those who make their customers say “WOW!”
  • What’s in it for me? Why bother striving to be extraordinary?
  • What’s in it for my business? Why you want to give red carpet customer service.
  • How to create unforgettable moments for your customers
  • The need we all share and the choice we all have in a given moment.
  • Action Strategies for giving red carpet customer service

Donna Cutting’s presentations can be delivered as a keynote, a workshop, or a half or full-day seminar.


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