Ariel Coro

Ariel CoroCuban defector and successful technology consultant Ariel Coro presents a compelling and motivational keynote on imagination and ingenuity under difficult circumstances. His experiences will help your audience learn how to adopt a “never give up” attitude, and to appreciate the resources at our disposal many take for granted.

Ariel Coro is the successful president of an internet publicity consulting firm. As a technology and computer expert, Ariel is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows on major networks including Telemundo’s popular Hoy en el Mundo. His Tu Tecnologia segment airs twice weekly on the evening news program on Univision’s flagship station, KMEX 34; this show is the number one news show in the United States in any language. On radio, Ariel can be heard on Tu Dinero with Julie Stav on over 60 radio stations nationwide.He has consulted with many Fortune 500 corporations, including Cisco Systems.

As a keynote speaker, Ariel Coro delivers a riveting and humorous story of manipulating his mother’s defection from Castro’s Cuba and his later escape. Unbeknownst to the Cuban Government and to the delight of his neighborhood, he devised the first illegal satellite dish to bring the outside world to his friends and neighbors. This evolved into expanding business of manufacturing TV dishes, but the endeavor immediately ceased to exist once discovered by the repressive government.

At the age of seventeen, Ariel Coro and his buddies built a boat that wouldn’t float to make their way to Miami. On arrival, he had little knowledge of the English language and a limited education. But freedom offered Ariel the opportunity to learn and create a useful relevant functional profession.

Ariel Coro uses his life story as a metaphor to demonstrate the power of problem solving in an environment where resources are not readily available, and creativity and innovation must step in. His background is a powerful contrast to our society, where all goods and services are at our demand.

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