Andy Cohen

Andy CohenAndy Cohen is a business practitioner, performer and educator. Andy uses magic as a metaphor as he reveals key concepts that empower new thinking and drive innovative business solutions in communications, leadership and management. His experiential approach in leadership communication guarantees 100% participation from the audience. This high level of immediate involvement generates instant action and leads to long-term, sustainable results.

Andy Cohen is widely recognized as an idea and innovation marketing guru, as well as a best-selling author. He has been a driving force behind the success of some of the world’s leading brands, providing strategic advice and leadership motivation to senior executives and their teams. Through his talent as a motivational speaker, he has helped these corporate executives to craft innovative business solutions and generate a billion dollars in measurable sales.

As a best-selling author and practitioner, Cohen has developed keen insights into what drives high-performing companies and what distinguishes their approaches to customers, employees and leadership. A respected marketing guru, Cohen has worked with some of the biggest names in business, including American Express, AOL, Charles Schwab, L’Oreal, Novartis, HSBC, Club Med, Merrill Lynch, P&G and Clorox. He has produced award-winning work, even picking up a coveted EFFIE award from the American Marketing Association for the highest excellence in combining creativity with results. Prior to his role as an innovation speaker, he founded Exposed Brick, an award-winning advertising agency that pioneers relationship marketing through electronic and digital media.

Though a well-known marketing guru, Cohen is also a long-time practitioner of magic, something he has honed over the years to a professional level. He expresses this potent combination of business savvy and magic in his recent best-selling book, Follow the Other Hand, which was nominated by the New York Times as a potential bestseller for 2007.

When the main character of Andy’s book is faced with the challenge of growing a family company, a colleague suggests a session with Merlin the magician, who slowly reveals that the secrets behind his famed magic tricks are the same ones that drive business forward. Along the way, the young man learns not only key lessons in strategy, but also some of the secrets behind the success of such great companies as OnStar, Starbucks, JetBlue and Jones Natural Soda. The long list of the global corporations endorsing this best-selling book attests to the powerful effect it generates.

Based in New York, Andy Cohen is a frequent keynote speaker for leading conferences around the world. He also serves on the adjunct faculty at NYU and Duke CE. As well, he is a guest business motivational speaker at prominent business schools, including The Stern School of Business at NYU and The Bauer College of Business at University of Houston.

In his appearances as a corporate motivational speaker, Andy teaches company leaders how to think differently and grow their businesses as a result. His skill as a keynote speaker helps him to communicate to CEOs on how to build great teams and become more effective leaders. People who listen to Andy’s speeches learn several remarkable lessons about building successful businesses. Though simple on the surface, his ideas are ground-breaking in the way they challenge conventional business thinking.


Andy Cohen’s motivational and experiential keynotes open a new window on business success. His out of the box approach stimulate out of the box thinking that changes the way people think with a unique experience that they take back into the work force to use again and again.

Right now, there are dozens of companies producing the same services and products that you are—only better, faster, cheaper. The only way to maintain a competitive advantage is by thinking differently and generating innovative solutions. In this talk, drawn from his incredible success with some of the world’s top brands, Andy Cohen shows you how. As a practitioner whose ideas have helped global corporations generate close to a billion dollars in measurable sales, Cohen delivers a truly interactive presentation, full of wondrous magic—all eyes are literally on him from start to finish. With magic as a perfect metaphor for innovation, he imparts vital, practical lessons on challenging assumptions and breaking perceptions. Debunking long-held notions about customers and industry models, he shows us how to market more effectively by emotionally connecting with consumers, how to explore and develop ideas, and even how to reframe a market segment. Using sleight of hand and other illusions, he teaches us how to be more creative, explore our ability to innovate and leverage our strengths for a true competitive advantage.

Cohen’s talks all draw from fascinating case studies, such as how Coke misdirected itself by following the wrong assumptions. How OnStar challenged the assumptions of its competitors and changed the auto industry. How ING Direct thought differently to create one of the largest banks yet—with now branches. This visually sumptuous presentation by Cohen leaves audiences amazed and entertained—but also equipped with a process to change behavior and motivate creative and innovative thinking that is both immediately actionable and sustainable.

In this wholly absorbing presentation, Andy Cohen provides audiences with a different view of effective leadership. As a business leader for global corporations, a faculty member at NYU and Duke CE, and a successful magician, he brings an entertaining accessibility to the cutting edge leadership issues coming out of academia. Cohen delivers this presentation while performing a classic trick of Houdini’s: he must escape from a straight jacket before Houdini does. But this is no mere magic show; it is a visual learning experience more powerful than mere words–one that has won over audiences worldwide. Cohen uses this experience to impart lessons on being a great leader—how they must struggle, break a sweat, earn trust, deliver on a promise, challenge assumptions, motivate employees, and engage customers. In a talk that is full of tension, humor, and a marvelous payoff, he weaves in great case studies that get to the heart of great leadership. He discusses HSBC, for example, to show how great leaders set goals, challenge assumptions, and why, just because you’re a relatively small company, you shouldn’t aim high. This is a one-of-a-kind presentation in which audiences will leave with a clear understanding of what makes a great leader tick, and how to become one.


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