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James Chung is a speaker on demographic change and consumer trends. He’s the President of Reach Advisors, a strategy and research firm focused on emerging shifts in the consumer landscape. James serves some of the nation’s largest and most innovative organizations involved in sectors such as tourism and resorts, museums and culture, community development, and healthy living.





Demographics of the Next Decade: Preparing for the Post-Downturn Market
This presentation shares some of the comprehensive analysis compiled by Reach Advisors about the most important demographic shifts that will reshape consumer markets.  Among those shifts include the aging of America, the browning of America, and an emerging reverse gender gap among young adult females that will change the balance of power in the marketplace (and likely in the workforce as well).  At the conclusion, this presentation will lead into an open dialog about what these changes mean for a specific organization and industry as we project how various demographic shifts will reshape the rest of the decade.

The Shifting Landscape of How Americans Live: What Will Be Different After the Downturn
This presentation shares exclusive Reach Advisors consumer survey work about how Americans live, play and buy, and melds it with the firm’s other data sets to determine what shifts are cyclical, and what shifts are permanent.  The presentation can include an open dialog on examples of organizations using this kind of insight to their advantage, organizations overwhelmed by these kinds of shifts, and critical shifts most relevant to the audience.

Four Macro Trends for the 2010s and the Implications for Your Industry
This presentation shares exclusive Reach Advisors analysis of various demographic, economic and social trends that will reshape markets for the rest of the decade.  This presentation draws on various disciplines ranging from demographics, economic, technology, geopolitics and globalization, education, gender, income dynamics, etc.  The four macro trends for the presentation will be selected based on relevance to the audience.

Talking About My Generation:  Differing Values and Marketplace Conflicts
This presentation shares exclusive Reach Advisors consumer survey work and analysis of consumers segmented by generation.  The presentation will show expected and unforeseen consequences of what happens as Baby Boomers age, Generation X raises families, and Generation Y moves through their formative years of adulthood.  This presentation will share examples of organizations that have used their understanding of generational shifts to gain market leadership, dissect stories of organizations overwhelmed by the shifts, and raise awareness of emerging shifts that will reshape the markets served by the audience.

The 2010s:  The Decade of Total Wellness
This presentation shares exclusive Reach Advisors consumer survey work and analysis about how shifts in consumer attitudes towards health and wellness have shifted in each decade over the past half century, and how a large segment of the American population is ushering in an entirely new decade focused on the Decade of Total Wellness.  This presentation will look at the drivers behind the shifting attitudes; how the actions are showing up in consumer behavior and spending patterns; exactly which consumer segments are embracing this shift (and which aren’t); and how this is reshaping how those consumers are trying to integrate their healthcare, wellness, and fitness concerns.

Looking Forward:  Change and the Future of Your Industry
This presentation is driven off of exclusive research and analysis fielded by Reach Advisors to help various industries anticipate what the next 15-25 years will bring.  This presentation draws on various disciplines ranging from demographics, economics, technology, geopolitics and globalization, education, gender analysis, etc.  While many of those topics appear on the surface to have little to do with consumer behaviors, the presentation will raise awareness of how those shifts can create significant opportunity for organizations that can anticipate change…and turmoil for those who wait for it to happen to them.  This presentation will lead into an open dialog about what these changes mean for a specific organization and industry as we look ahead into the rest of the decade and beyond.

Various versions of these presentations have been delivered over the past year, often triggering invitations to subsequent events. Examples of just a few of those events from the past year have included:

  • American Association of Museums 2010 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles
  • American Association of Museums 2009 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia
  • Canadian Museums Association National Conference, St. Johns
  • International Council of Museums Annual General Session, Paris
  • National Association of Home Builders Multifamily Executive Board, New Orleans
  • PCBC Executive Conference, San Francisco
  • Urban Land Institute Community Development Council, Boston
  • Urban Land Institute Fall Meeting, San Francisco
  • Urban Land Institute Real Estate Trends Conference, Washington DC
  • Urban Land Institute Spring Meeting, Boston
  • USC Real Estate Law and Business Forum, Los Angeles
  • Vermont Travel Industry Conference, Burlington
  • Washington DC Economic Partnership AMDS Conference, Washington DC
  • Women’s Sport Summit, Vail

James founded Reach Advisors in 2002, following his experience as a client searching for game-changing insight. Despite tapping into a sizeable budget that bought the services of the top research and strategic forecasting organizations in America, he found their work to be like looking in a rear-view mirror. He simply could not find advisors who could pick apart the key drivers for future shifts, deliver truly strategic work grounded in operational reality, and set a course leading to the intended impact. Reach Advisors was created to fill that need for strategic change, driven by data rather than guesswork, with the end goal of maximizing tangible impact for the client.

Before launching Reach Advisors, James founded a targeted media and research firm that was eventually acquired by a division of a Fortune 200 company. Prior to that, he served at Leo Burnett, one of the nation’s leading advertising agencies, where he helped one of the world’s largest marketers reshape its marketing analytics and plan for how the next decade in marketing would unfold.

James shares insights regularly as a featured speaker at many of the national and international conferences for the fields that he serves. He is also a writer, analyst and recurring source for media organizations ranging from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Urban Land, Museum, Travel + Leisure, Sports Illustrated, NBC Nightly News, among many others. James is also the co-author of Life Stages of the Museum Visitor, published in 2009 by AAM Press.

He earned his AB and MBA degrees from Harvard, and spends his non-work time delighting in the marvels of childhood.

Mr. Chung’s Keynote fee is in the $20k-$30k range.

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