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Sought-after presenter Dr. Jeffrey Dietrich demystifies economics, bringing an often-confusing maze of economic information into sharper focus and resulting in practical business application. He has more than 30 years experience as a keynote speaker for groups seeking presentations on economicsRead more ›

Jeremy Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the author of seventeen best-selling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment. His books have been translated intoRead more ›

Jim Carroll is recognized as one of the world’s leading international futurists, trends & innovation experts, with a massive global blue-chip client list. Jim  latest books include Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, andRead more ›

With intelligence and clarity, Dr. Chimerine examines the issues and trends of current and future economic situations and how they will directly affect your organization, industry, or geographic region. For more than 25 years as an economic consultant, Dr. ChimerineRead more ›

Michael Tchong’s forté is being both a catalyst and pointing audiences in the right direction. His contagious enthusiasm combined with an intuitive insight into emerging market trends, will lift the morale of any audience. Michael achieves this feat by takingRead more ›

Ray Kurzweil, one of the leading inventors and entrepreneurs of our time, has been described as “the restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal, and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes.  Inc. magazine ranked him #8 among entrepreneurs in theRead more ›

Rohit Talwar is an award winning speaker, entrepreneur, specialist advisor and strategic change agent. He was nominated as one the top ten global future thinkers by the UK’s Independent newspaper. He is the founder of the think tanks Fast Future andRead more ›

  When you fascinate a customer or employee, you create exciting moments of connection. Your listener is far more likely to remember and value you. In her research, Sally has measured over 100,000 people to identify a scientific approach toRead more ›

Through his consulting, keynotes and workshops, Scott Klososky helps executives gain an understanding of the trends that are driving new technologies to be powerful tools, and also gives practical examples from real life organizations that are leveraging these tools toRead more ›

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