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Amelia Rose Earhart – no, not that one… but kind of (read on) – is a pilot, philanthropist, network news anchor and unique keynote speaker inspiring her audiences to find the “true North” of their lives. Oh yeah, and sheRead more ›

Amory Lovins is the cofounder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute. A consultant experimental physicist educated at Harvard and Oxford, he has advised the energy and other industries for over 30 years, as well as the U.S. Departments of EnergyRead more ›

Andrew Razeghi is a writer, educator, and adviser to organizations on growth strategy, creativity, and innovation. As founder of StrategyLab, Inc., his work spans industries, from consumer packaged goods to healthcare, tourism to media, and non-profit organizations to professional sportsRead more ›

Andy Cohen is a business practitioner, performer and educator. Andy uses magic as a metaphor as he reveals key concepts that empower new thinking and drive innovative business solutions in communications, leadership and management. His experiential approach in leadership communication guaranteesRead more ›

As a professional illusionist who has worked with David Copperfield’s “Project Magic,” Hickman combines a life-changing message with illusion, humor, and entertainment to deliver a powerful presentation. Andy is an inspiration to people of all ages, challenging them to seeRead more ›

Ann Jillian is a three-time Emmy & Golden Globe Award winning actress and singer. Since 1985, she has added motivational speaker to her impressive list of credits, addressing business, medical, professional and women’s groups with her own unique blend ofRead more ›

Anthony “AB” Bourke, fighter pilot and business executive, is an experienced speaker and proven business leader with a strong history of delivering dynamic, interactive, keynote speeches about communication, leadership, teamwork and sales to a wide range of organizations. Bourke isRead more ›

Cuban defector and successful technology consultant Ariel Coro presents a compelling and motivational keynote on imagination and ingenuity under difficult circumstances. His experiences will help your audience learn how to adopt a “never give up” attitude, and to appreciate theRead more ›

This heroic climber amputated his own arm to survive a death-defying accident, and Aron Ralston has now devoted his life to creating prosthetics for other climbers.  His book, “Between A Rock and A Hard Place” has achieved world-wide bestseller status.

Dr. Laffer has been widely acknowledged for his economic achievements. He was noted in Time Magazine’s March 29, 1999, cover story “The Century’s Greatest Minds” for inventing the Laffer Curve, which it deemed one of “a few of the advancesRead more ›

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