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Rising from garbage collector to Wall Street executive, Alan Parisse uses his diverse life experience to deliver relevant messages on leadership, sales, and cycles of change to executives, managers, marketing and sales teams throughout the world. Alan’s audiences benefit fromRead more ›

For over 25 years, Allen Sinai has been forecasting and interpreting business and financial trends and events for investors, corporate decision makers, policy makers in organizations around the world.  He is renowned for his ability to forecast new trends andRead more ›

Dr. Laffer has been widely acknowledged for his economic achievements. He was noted in Time Magazine’s March 29, 1999, cover story “The Century’s Greatest Minds” for inventing the Laffer Curve, which it deemed one of “a few of the advancesRead more ›

A dynamic, world-class economist who communicates his insights in a captivating and entertaining manner, Dr. Barry Asmus has been named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States. As a Senior Economist forRead more ›

Ben Stein is probably the closest any man comes these days to being a true renaissance man. His financial and economics work was cited in the efforts of the recent Nobel prize winner in Economics, George Akerlof.

Brian Beaulieu has been an economist with the Institute for Trend Research since 1982, serving as its Executive Director since 1987. At the Institute, he has been engaged in applied research regarding business cycle trend analysis and the utilization ofRead more ›

Brian Wesbury is Chief Economist at First Trust Advisors LP, afinancial services firm based in Lisle, Illinois and serves on the Board of Advisors to First Trust Capital Partners, an affiliated private-equity firm. The Wall Street Journal ranked Mr.Wesbury theRead more ›

David L. Smith has the education, experience and proven track record to reassure audiences he knows what he is talking about. A Dartmouth- and Stanford-trained economist, futurist and market strategist, Smith’s views have intrigued audiences for 24 years in theRead more ›

Author of “Nerds on Wall Street: Math, Machines and Wired Markets,” David Leinweber is one the greatest financial innovators of our time. As a keynote speaker, David Leinweber helps audience learn and laugh at the worlds of finance, technology andRead more ›

As President and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Dave is now free to do what he wasn’t able to do while running the Government Accountability Office: advocate for specific solutions, work proactively with grantees and other partners toRead more ›

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