Gary Bradt

garybradt.jpgDr. Gary Bradt, a preeminent expert on change and leadership, is a
dynamic speaker who inspires audiences worldwide by showing them how to
win against all odds. Clients like IBM, Kodak, FedEx, General Motors,
NASA, eBay, Sam’s Club and Walt Disney have asked him to share his
unique and penetrating insights into what it takes to succeed in
today’s rapidly changing business world. His message contains hope,
humor, inspiration and practical solutions for leaders and
organizations looking to win despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

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For many years Spencer Johnson MD endorsed Dr. Bradt as the leading
speaker worldwide on Dr. Johnson’s business bestseller Who Moved My
In that capacity, Dr. Bradt traveled the globe and gave over
100 presentations. Now, Dr. Bradt is expanding his influence, with
exciting new presentations on change, leadership and life balance.

Dr. Bradt is President and CEO of Bradt Leadership, a corporation
devoted to leadership development. He has spent over 17 years
consulting with the nation’s senior business leaders, advising them on
how to get better results through better leadership. Consulting clients
have included Coca Cola, DuPont, Gateway, Abbott Labs and Ernst &
Young, among many others.

Dr. Bradt attended The College of William and Mary as an undergraduate
before transferring to Duquesne University where he obtained his BA
degree in psychology. He earned his doctoral degree in clinical
psychology from Hahnemann University.

Currently, he is a licensed psychologist in North Carolina, where he resides with his wife and two children.

Dr. Bradt’s first book, The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity is described by Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level as “Beautifully written and full of wisdom, The Ring in the Rubble is a gem.”  Currently, Gary Bradt presents on this book for numerous corporations and trade associations.  His message contains hope, humor and inspiration for all seeking to find the ‘ring of opportunity’ that lies within the ‘rubble’ change sometimes brings about.

Gary Bradt’s Topics:

In addition to presenting on Who Moved my Cheese, Gary Bradt will now present on Spencer Johnson’s new book, Peaks and Valleys and the following topics:

The Ring in the Rubble: Find the Golden Opportunity Within Every Change (Change and Leadership)
Change today is constant and rapid. Organizations that don’t learn how to adapt to change quickly will fall behind their competitors that do. The call from Gary’s speaking clients is often the same: Help our people learn to embrace change; help them see the opportunity in change and how it can work to their advantage. This keynote is designed to do just that.

The Ring in the Rubble provides audiences an inspirational, practical and memorable way to lead through change: The ring represents the golden opportunities change always creates. The rubble represents the disruption, fear and uncertainty that change often stirs up. The premise? There is always a ring in the rubble. A leader’s job is to find it. Dr. Bradt’s job is to show them how. In this engaging and inspirational keynote, Dr. Bradt outlines ten tools for finding the ring; tools that lead to practical action focused on solving a specific challenge related to change. Dr. Bradt ties each of his tools and principles to your organization’s specific change situation. His background as a business owner, speaker, author and psychologist provides a unique perspective that leads to engaging stories and examples that will stir listeners to action. Whether its reacting to change or making change happen, this keynote will inspire your audience to take practical steps that will lead to better organizations professionally, and happier lives personally, whenever change is the issue.

How to Stay Sane While You Are Going Like Crazy (Life Balance/Time Management)
In this interactive keynote on time management and life balance, Dr. Bradt moves beyond the usual bromides offered up for those looking to achieve better time management and life balance. Dr. Bradt offers unique insights on how these goals can be achieved by not trying to manage time at all. Instead, he encourages leaders to Invest Time in People, with a Purpose, to achieve their greatest results. Through entertaining and illuminating stories drawn from his years as a leadership consultant working with top senior executives, Dr. Bradt shares best practices that achieve the best results in this arena. Audiences leave with a better understanding of how they can be more effective in all their relationships, at work and at home, and how success is a choice, not an accident.

Winning Against All Odds (Leadership)

Winning against all odds requires that leaders and organizations practice fundamental principles tied to success. In his entertaining, dynamic and moving presentation, Dr. Bradt demonstrates how you can apply these principles for incredible results at work and at home. You will hear inspiring stories of how others have found tremendous opportunity in the face of disaster; learned to let go of the past to create a remarkable future; and overcome fear to reach for their dreams. You will learn how to make change work for you, not against you. You will experience the power of laughter, especially in times of crisis. You will discover that the best leaders are not afraid to look in the mirror when searching for answers to their biggest problems. Finally, you will learn how to win against seemingly insurmountable odds. In the process, you will become a beacon of success, lighting a path for others to follow.

The Five Choices of Change (Change)
In this keynote on change, Dr. Bradt builds on the message he developed over the years as the leading speaker on change and the business bestseller, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson MD. This presentation weaves inspirational stories with practical tips on how organizations and individuals can learn to use change to their advantage, thereby getting an edge up on the competition. Dr. Bradt demonstrates how change can be conquered through changing one’s attitudes and reactions; from victim, to victor. Audiences learn how to embrace change and the opportunities it creates. Dr. Bradt shows how to move from passive acceptance of change to being a change leader. Through in-depth preparation, each presentation is focused on the specific challenges facing each audience; and how that audience can meet and beat those challenges. This presentation is meant for any group facing significant change and looking to conquer the inherent challenges therein.


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