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Donny Conn is the founder and CEO of Convention Connection. A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Behavioral Science, Donny first pursued a career in entertainment, earning six gold records with the popular music group the Playmates. He later turned to comedy writing, which opened his eyes to a career in public speaking.
 Since his public speaking career took off in 1980, he has delivered more than 100 speeches a year to all types of groups, ages and interests — including Meeting Planners International, the Society of Company Meeting Planners and the Western Conference Association Executives.

Once his speaking career took off, he started to notice a pattern. After his speeches, many of his clients would ask him for recommendations for speakers for the following year. Donny got an idea. He was already marketing himself, so why not build a database of qualified, talented speakers so he could make educated recommendations to his clients? He founded Convention Connection shortly thereafter.

Today Donny continues to speak and serve as the principal of one of the top Speaker Bureaus in the industry. His vision, and his unique perspective as both a speaker and a client, has contributed greatly toward the company’s success. He knows how speakers think and what they need, since he’s one himself. And he knows what clients need to host a successful event.


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